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See Mary Jo in action. Check out the links below. For a complete listing of media appearances - including those that are not available online - click here.


TV Appearances

  Big Medicine on TLC
  Severely obese patients turn to Mary Jo and father-son surgeon team Drs.   Robert and Garth   Davis to help them make life-changing decisions. (Ongoing Series)

  Mary Jo on the Montel Show
 Mary Jo speaks on the Montel Show. (February 26, 2008)

  Mary Jo Rapini on Channel 2 Houston News
  Mary Jo Rapini was featured on Channel 2 Houston News, presenting refreshing way to bring   mothers and daughters closer together. (May 19, 2008)


Great Day Houston

  The Man's Brain vs. The Woman's Brain
 Mary Jo talks about the difference between the male brain and the female brain on Great Day Houston. (July 1, 2008)

  Spark your Sex Life!
 Mary Jo talks about sparking up your sex life on Great Day Houston. (May 13, 2008)

  Get Your Mojo Back!
 Mary Jo talks about getting your mojo back on Great Day Houston. (May 13, 2008)

  Men vs. Women
"Great Day Houston" "KHOU-TV" Series on Relationship Issues (August 5, 2008)

  Rattled Relationships
"Great Day Houston" "KHOU-TV" Series on Relationship Issues (August 4, 2008)

  Your Relationship in the Bedroom
"Great Day Houston" "KHOU-TV" Series on Relationship Issues (August 4, 2008)

  Intimacy and Sex
"Great Day Houston" "KHOU-TV" Series on Relationship Issues (August 5, 2008)


My Fox Houston

  Are You Married To a Bully?
  Bully behavior begins in childhood as children watch their parents and siblings (July 15, 2010)

  Is Filing for Divorce Contagious?
  Harvard University suggest divorce might be contagious? (June 24, 2010)

  Maintaining Healthy Romantic Relationships
  What makes for a healthy romantic partnership between two people? (July 08, 2010)

  Relationship Breaksups Worse for Women or Men?
  Mary Jo Rapini explains why men are less capable of dealing with breakups. (July 08, 2010)

  Economy Causing More Couples to Seek Therapy
  Mary Jo Rapini talks about the economy and its effects on couples. (October 28, 2008)

  Mary Jo on My Fox Houston
  Mary Jo Rapini explains how parental interactions can become criminal offenses against children. (March 27, 2008)

  Mary Jo on My Fox Houston
  Mary Jo talks about a possible sex shortage in middle-aged women.(June 24, 2008)

  Recovering Psychologically from Hurricane Ike
 Mary Jo talks about getting over the psychological stress from Hurricane Ike on Fox. (September 22, 2008)

  Healthy Ways to Avoid Depression and Stress
 Mary Jo talks about healthy ways to avoid depression and stress on Fox. (October 6, 2008)

  Mary Jo Takes on Body Image, Sexting
 Psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini is back to answer questions about body image and discusses the topic of “sexting“. (March 18, 2010)


Online Interviews

  Near Death Experience
  Mary Jo Rapini talks about her near death experience. (January 21, 2008)

  Mom's Choice Awards
  Mary Jo Rapini talks about Start Talking. (July 23, 2009)


Radio Appearances

11/4/08- "Mary Jo talks with David and Ken on Sexual Intimacy" “The Game”, 1560 AM  (Houston, TX)
                 Part 1
                 Part 2
                 Part 3

10/28/08 "Mary Jo on Sex" “The Game”, 1560 AM  (Houston, TX)
                 Part 1
                 Part 2
                 Part 3

7/8/08 "Mary Jo on Sex" “The Game”, 1560 AM  (Houston, TX)

10/30/08 - "Sexy Costumes at a Young Age" Mary Jo Rapini featured guest, 96.5 FM Sam Malone Mix (Houston, TX)

10/14/08- "Why Men Cheat" Mary Jo Rapini, featured guest, AM 740 KTRH (Houston, TX)

Weekly Guest -- Every Tuesday at noon -     “The Game”, 1560 AM  (Houston, TX)

10/14/08 - Live interview with Scott Krueger on WSPT morning show, Muzzy Broadcasting, 500 Division Street (Stevens Point, WI) 97.9 FM

9/28/08 - "How to Survive the Aftermath of Hurricane Ike" (Majic 102.1) (Houston, TX)

5/13/08 “MOJO in he Bedroom,” The Dana Show,” (FM 99.1) (Houston, TX)

1/16/08 -  Special Guest Mary Jo Rapini from “TLC’s” Big Medicine, “The New You” Radio Show with Cher Ewing and Jeff Chadwell


Print & Online Articles


July 2010 - "Houston Family Magazine" article by Mary Jo Rapini July Issue Page 12-13



June 2010 - "Houston Family Magazine" article by Mary Jo Rapini June Issue Page: 10-11


5/17/10 - "Help me be More Confident!" article with Mary Jo Rapini for Woman's World Magazine May Issue Page: 11



3/27/10 - "Television not helping our kids" syndicated article by author, The Barrie Examiner (Barrie Ontario, CA)



3/17/10 - "‘Start Talking’ explores health, sex" book review for Teen Link South Florida, weekly newspaper (Broward County, FL)



3/1/10 - Janine Sherman Interview in local newspaper, Lake Travis View Newspaper (Lakeway, TX)




2/23/10 - Janine Sherman Interview for 3/6/10 on local News Channel, Hill Country News (Cedar Park, TX)


Houston Chronicle Syndicated Articles

6/28/09 - "Ladies: 10 Tips for a Better Sex Life" by Mary Jo Rapini for

6/18/09 - "Dads, Daughters and Body Image" by Mary Jo Rapini for syndicated column in Houston Chronicle

5/18/09 - "Note to Self: Everybody should sleep in his own bed" by Mary Jo Rapini for syndicated column in Houston Chronicle

2/15/09 - "Note to Self: Rescue your relationship by building intimacy " by Mary Jo Rapini for syndicated column in Houston Chronicle

1/19/09 - "Note to self: Moms start `soundtrack' for kids' relationship with food" by Mary Jo Rapini for syndicated column in Houston Chronicle

7/7/08 - "Therapist: There's a difference between sex, intimacy" by Mary Jo Rapini for syndicated column in Houston Chronicle

7/7/08 - "Keeping the intimacy in your sex life as a parent" by Mary Jo Rapini for syndicated column in Houston Chronicle


- - - - -

March-April 2009 - Digital Issue of Calgary's Child Magazine. pg 55.


1/22/09 - "Moms, daughters get guide"


11/23/08 - "How to live a happy life during economic crisis" - Newspost Online, (


10/1/08 - "Start Talking" Review by John Burroughs, ""


9/15/08 - Book Review "Recommended" in Library Journal (

7/11/08 - "Texas Tech Straight Talk presentations to address sexuality among teens" Lubbock Journal (


Sound-bytes available online

Date: 4/4/09. KTRH 740 am Interview.
"Diva Mary Jo"
click here to listen

Date: 3/13/09. KTRH 740 am Interview.
"Bromance" (Part one)
click here to listen

Date: 3/13/09. KTRH 740 am Interview.
"Bromance" (Part two)
click here to listen

Date: 11/07/08. KTRH 740 am Interview.
The E-D Story. (Clearchannel)
click here to listen

Date: 2/23/09. KTRH 740 am Interview.
"Abercrombie and Fitch Strikes Again ... Underwear for Teenage Girls(part one)"
click here to listen
"Abercrombie and Fitch Strikes Again ... Underwear for Teenage Girls (part two)"
click here to listen

Date: 2/23/09. KTRH 740 am Interview.
"State of Texas and Abstinence"
click here to listen

Date: 2/25/09. KTRH 740 am Interview.
"Why Women Chose the Internet Over Sex"
click here to listen

Date: 11/18/08. KTRH 740 am Interview.
"The New James Bond"
click here to listen

Title Topic Comments
Graduating Teen. Express Ride to Success! Graduation, Teen, Goals With all the challenges and uncertainty in a teen’s life, graduation marks a time when teens ask themselves “Who am I?” and “How can I become the person I want to be?” Graduating teens, are you ready for graduation? Take this quick quiz.
Fifteen Things to Tell Your Teenager Before They Close Their Eyes to Sleep Teen, Teenager, Life, Parent, Mom, Mother, Talk, Tell, Encourage, Soothe, Sympathize, Sleep, Receptive, Information, Care, Love Having a teenager is not only one of the most challenging times in a marriage, but also one of the most challenging times in our lives. However, it's important to let our teens know that we support and care for them. Here are a few things that every parent should tell her teen.
25 Inexpensive Ways to Build Lasting Summer Memories with Your Child Summer, Memories, Memorable, Kids, Daughter, Son, Teen, Tween, Mom, Mother, Inexpensive, Cheap, Ideas, Vacation Summer is a perfect time to do memorable things with your kids. Here are a few activities that won't break the bank.
30 Easy Summer Jobs to Earn Money Summer, Jobs, Kids, Teens, Ideas, Work, Money, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial, Business, Recession Parents, it's almost summer. Are your kids saying "No" to summer camps, or sleep-overs? Encouraging entrepreneurial behaviors is a wise decision in a recession.
Is He Hurting You? Love Doesn't Hurt Abusive, Abuser, Love, Relationship, Hurt, Hit, Punch, Push, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Physical, Attentive, Attention One out of five teens report that they have been in a serious relationship where they have been pushed, slapped or hit by their partner. How do you know if the person your dating will become physically abusive? How do you get away from an abusive relationship? Find out in this article.
Blended Families: Blending Tolerance and Patience Blending, Blended, Families, Family, Kids, Teens, Tweens, Adults, Care, Tolerance, Patience, Patient, Divorce When you find that special someone after a sad, bitter divorce or the death of a spouse, you may think of blending your families with joy and high expectations. However, your enthusiasm may not spill over onto your children.
Bullying: Is it More Than Sticks and Stones? Bullying, Inescapable, Escape, Defeated, Fear, Alone, Cyber, School, Kids, Teens, Sad, Suicide, Hurt Bullying has changed. It is more than words or getting teased on the playground. It is inescapable harassment, physical assault, verbal abuse, and a constant barrage of cyber attacks that leave kids feeling defeated, fearful, and alone.
Choking: A Crazy and Deadly Game Choking, Game, High, Crash, Die, Consequence, Careful, Parents, Kids Parents, there's another "game" you should watch out for - the choking game. The object is to induce a short high by choking oneself. Unfortunately, this game is spreading among girls and boys all over America.
Confidence Scores Higher Than Your Teen's ACT or SAT Scores Confidence Children Child Kids Daughter Son Self-esteem Parent Mom Dad Build Create Important Trait Your child's ACT and SAT scores may be important, but do you talk to your child about one of the most shaping aspects of her life? Confidence is one of the most important traits you can impart to your child.
Cyber-Dating: What Every Teacher, Parent, and Child Should Know Dating, Cyber, Parent, Child, Teen, Teenager, Daughter, Son, Involved, Online, Internet, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Relationship, Sex Although dating service sites are usually restricted to those who are 18 years and older, most of them depend on using a credit as the sole mechanism for determining age. It is difficult to exclude teenagers or a younger child from such sites if they have access to credit card numbers. These are a few things you should discuss with your children about cyber-dating.
Dad's Presence Helps Prevent Teen Girls from Having Sex Dad, Father, Child, Daughter, Prevent, Sex, Vow, Presence, Important, Importance, Around, Physical, Activity, Necessary Dads, do you have a teen daughter? Do you realize how important your presence is in her life? We know that one out of six girls-ages 12 to 18-take a vow not to have premarital sex. Ninety percent of those girls will break that vow. Your presence can help her keep it.
Back to School Transitions: Easing the Anxiety School, Kid, Child, Children, Teen, Teenager, Mom, Dad, Parent, Teacher, Cranky, Moody, Irritable, Homework, Difficult, Encourage, Encouragement, Concern Are your kids acting a little bit crankier? Are you noticing that they seem more irritable or moody? This could be a reaction to the imminent summer's end as they visualize tests, homework, teacher's concerned expressions, and fitting in with a new group of friends.
Explaining Death to Children Without Scaring Them for Life Death, Explain, Parent, Kids, Teen, Teenager, Talk, Child, Children, Learn, Grieve, Sad, Upset, Remember, Memories, Memory, Loved, Love, One, Important As parents, we have to engage in many unpleasant and difficult situations. It's the tough talks that are often remembered most by our children. Explaining death is one of those topics.
Who Needs Dad? Dad, Father, Daddy, Necessary, Important, Single, Parent, Kid, Child, Teen, Teenager, Tween, Care, Father's Day As we celebrate Father's Day this year, it's important to remember that in the U.S. the number of single parent homes is growing, now up to 51 percent. That means the majority of children are growing up with one primary care-taker, often the woman. Why does your child need a father? Here are a few reasons.
70 Things To Do Instead of Sex Sex, Teen, Teenager, Parent, Other Activities, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Closer, Relationship As someone who frequently speaks with teenagers in my practice, I often come across what every parent dreads: sex. You don't need to have sex to bring you closer to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Try some of these activities to help build your relationship.
Keep Your Girlfriends Close Girlfriend, Friend, Necessary, Life, Quality, Fun, Talk, Important We know that a lack of friends can lead to heart disease, cancer, depression and anxiety. Overall, the quality of life is lessened when we are lonely or don't have any close friends.
Learn to Love Your Body Self-esteem, New Year, Weight, Love, Yourself, Body, Image, Look, Looks, Appearance, Fat, Thin, Healthy, Health, Girl, Woman, Christmas, Hanukah, Holiday Many New Year's resolutions have to do with losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, and dozens of other methods girls (from 6 - 96) use to change the way they look. With today's misleading role models, many girls experience poor self-esteem starting at a very young age. It's time to learn to love not only who you are, but also what you look like.
The Art of Loving Yourself Today and Through the Holidays Self-esteem, New, Weight, Love, Yourself, Body, Image, Look, Looks, Appearance, Fat, Thin, Healthy, Health, Girl, Woman, Holiday It's impossible to love another person if you can't love and respect yourself. You need to believe that you deserve to be loved first.
The Wizard Behind the Curtain is Mom: Tips for Teens on How to Celebrate Mother's Day Mother's Day, Teen, Teenager, Kids, Mom, Celebrate, Present, Gift, Appreciate, Appreciation This Mother's Day along with the flowers, candy, brunches, and sweet cards, it may be wise to sit back and recognize the woman you call "Mom."
PDA: How Affectionate is Too Affectionate? PDA, Public Display, Affection, Affectionate, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Love, Care, Passion, Parents, School, Teacher Teens are advertising their relationships out in public all the time. Go to Facebook or MySpace and you can see whom they are dating, whom they formerly dated, and basically everything they have done in the past month.