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Press Release

Graduating Teen!

Press release date: 2008-06-10

For Immediate Release Contact Kate Bandos • 800-304-3269

Graduation Time: Tips for Teens in Transition

As graduation time approaches, parents, grandparents, and friends are trying to decide how to best help the young people around them make the most of their potential.

With all the challenges and uncertainty in a teens life, graduation marks a time when teens ask themselves “Who am I?” and “How can I become the person I want to be?” Award-winning teacher Roger Leslie has developed a group of activities that can help teens discover more about themselves and learn about setting attainable goals. In his book, Success Express for Teens: 50 Activities that Will Change Your Life , Leslie suggests teens regularly ask themselves “What should I do next?”, “How?” and “Whats in it for me?”

Let Roger Leslie share with your listeners:
• Top 10 questions your graduating teens is asking.

Right behind “Whats in it for me?” is “So what?”
• What almost every teen doesn't know —but should know—about personal success.

Success is expensive. It costs. Always. Even TV portrayals of success.
• Why activities motivate more than advice

Teens stop listening after the first 3 words of advice. They are energized by challenging activities.
• The single best activity for a graduating class.

Create a lifeboard—photos, clippings, articles, mementoes on a posterboard. Simple. Powerful.
• The hidden dangers of not laughing with your teen at least once a week.

Laughter is the cousin to creativity, the sister to joy. Both are critical for success. They keep the passion going.
• The secret power of “not yet” for the reluctant teen

Revolutionize goal-setting by replacing each “no” with “not yet.” Try it for just one week.
• Why most goal-setting programs for teens fizzle.

Mystery creates intrigue; mastery fosters a sense of competence; mentorship provides leadership. No program will work with out all three.
• The single best thought to leave the transitioning teen.

Dream big. Start small. Today.

» • Hear interesting challenges and surprise success stories from former students who have used Success Express strategies.
Five diverse students took five different roads. ««

“A valuable resource in helping teens reach adulthood as strong, self-confident, and respectful people.”

~ ForeWord magazine

"A great resource to guide any teen toward success. I'm going out tomorrow to buy my teenage daughter the materials to make her own lifeboard!"

      ~ Shelagh Ryan Masline, author of

Drug Abuse and Teens

To arrange an interview with Roger Leslie, or to request a review copy of The Success Express or for any additional information, please contact Kate Bandos at KSB Promotions • 800-304-3269 • • fax 616-676-0759