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Rights and Permissions


Bayou Publishing books, audio, and digital programs may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any media without the expressed written permission of Bayou Publishing. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of any text (regardless of length), chart, figure, table, image, or audio or video recording. You must request permission even if you do not intend to charge for the work in which you use the copyright-protected Bayou Publishing material.

The electronically-transmitted pages on the Bayou Publishing websites belong to Bayou Publishing and are offered for your personal use. All rights are reserved. These pages may not be duplicated or reproduced without the express written consent of Bayou Publishing, except in the form of brief excerpts or quotations for the purposes of review. The information contained here is for the personal use of the reader and may not be incorporated into publications, databases, or software programs without the written consent of Bayou Publishing. Making copies of these pages or any portion for any purpose other than your personal use is a violation of United States copyright laws.

Prices May Change
Prices for products and services offered by Bayou Publishing are subject to change without notice.

Bayou Publishing and its employees and contractors have used their best efforts in preparing these pages and their publications. Para Publishing and its employees and contractors make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with regard to the information supplied.

Limits of Liability
Bayou Publishing and its employees and contractors shall not be liable in the event of incidental or consequential damages in connection with, or arising out of, the providing of the information offered here.

To obtain permission to reprint, photocopy or use an excerpt from one of our titles or from our website, please read through these guidelines:



You must submit your permission request in writing by e-mail, fax, or mail.
    E-mail your request, Click to reveal E-Mail
    Fax to 713-526-4342, attention: Permissions Manager
    Mail your request to: Bayou Publishing, 2524 Nottingham, Houston, TX 77005

In your request, please be sure to include the following information:
    1. The book’s title, author(s), and ISBN
    2. The exact page numbers of the excerpt you’d like to use (or in the case of audio books, the specific portion you would like to use, and in the case of web pages, the specific URL sections)
    3. A clear, detailed description of your intended use
    * For reprint in another book: include publisher name and address, title of the book in which the excerpt will appear, print run, and the language rights you are requesting
    * For use in a magazine: include the circulation and publication date.
    * For photocopies: describe the recipients (e.g., therapy groups, educational purposes, schools, clinics, prisons);  let us know how many copies you plan to make.
    * For use on a Web site: include the URL for the site, description of your intended use for our material, and whether visitors will be charged to view the excerpted material.
    * A description of the territory over which your use will be distributed (world, English-speaking world, United States)
    * For audio or video material, please provide a detailed description of the material you are interested in and the use to which you plan to put it.

Processing Request
After we receive your request, we will usually respond in three to four weeks. Should you need a faster response, please include an explanation of your situation with your request. We will do what we can to accommodate you. After we evaluate your request, our permissions manager may contact you for more information.

We base any fees for permissions on the nature of use you intend for the material. If you feel that you should not be charged for the permission you seek, please explain your situation in your request.

Fair Use
Fair use law allows small passages of books to be reprinted, with proper citation, in the service of public discourse. If your request is not poetry and it amounts to less than 250 words, chances are it falls under “fair use.” If you aren’t sure, feel free to contact us.

Credit Line
With each permission granted we will specify a credit line, but it might be helpful to know that our standard credit line is as follows:

“From (title), by (author), © (date of publication). Reprinted by arrangement with Bayou Publishing, Houston, TX. www.bayoupublishing.com.”

Sample Copy
If permission is granted, we ask that you send us a sample copy of the book, magazine, or URL link.


Foreign and Domestic Licensing
Bayou Publishing books have been translated into many foreign languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, and Russian, but Bayou Publishing does not print or sell these books ourselves. Instead, we license the contents of certain books to foreign publishers who translate, produce, and sell our titles to their own markets.

If you are a publisher interested in licensing a Bayou Publishing title for foreign translation, please click to reveal E-mail for more information.

If you are interested in licensing a Bayou Publishing book for use and distribution in the United States, please click here to reveal E-Mail for more information.

Subsidiary Rights
Call for the Rights Guide