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Press Release

Guys Guide (Press Release)

Press release date: 2009-03-01

Helping Men Parent Well After a Divorce

Close to one million couples file for divorce every year. Its expensive, exhausting and emotionally taxing, but some of the biggest challenges come after the papers are signed. From living alone to finding love again, the adjustments continue long after the legal proceedings are over, and navigating these changes as a newly single dad can pose its own unique challenges. Where do men turn for candid advice on keeping up with the kids while coping with divorce?

A sampling of the questions in The Guys-Only Guide:
• How do I break the news to the kids?
• What are the signs that my
kids are having trouble with
the divorce?
• How should I negotiate
during divorce?
• How will I know when I am
ready for a new relationship?
• How is dating after divorce different from dating when I was young?
• When should she meet my
• When is an age difference a problem?
• How can I avoid making
another mistake in choosing a partner?

Psychologists Buser and Sternes answer these and other common questions in the candid Q&A handbook, The Guys-Only Guide to Getting over Divorce

The Guys-Only Guide to Getting Over Divorce and on with Life, Sex, and Relationships (©02/09, $16.95 trade paperback, by Sam J. Buser, Ph.D. and Glenn F. Sternes, Ph.D. aims to help men through the divorce process and the ensuing weeks and months as they move on with their lives. When it comes to spending time with the kids, the authors remind dads to keep their eye on the big picture. “You may be ready to get on with your life, but it isn't all about you. Its going to mean sacrifices. Its going to mean schedule changes. Get used to it. Your kids need you,” say Buser and Sternes.

It is important that dads embrace the time they have with their children and not shuffle their responsibilities to neighbors, friends, or babysitters – and especially not the ex. More than anything, kids just want to spend time with their dad, even if that means running errands, fixing dinner, or working on homework together. For extended visitations, such as a six-week summer vacation, it is a good idea to take some time off work to be with the kids. It may be inconvenient, but the results are worth it.

“You might not like being around your kids. Children are noisy, smelly, and constantly into mischief. They drive you crazy. They might even remind you of your ex-wife. None of that matters. You are still responsible for these children that you helped bring into the world,” Buser and Sternes point out. “Girlfriends and jobs come and go, but your children will always be there – and the hands-on approach goes a long way.”

Written in a friendly Q&A style, The Guys-Only Guide to Getting Over Divorce offers straightforward advice from two nationally recognized experts in men's issues. Psychologists Buser and Sternes deliver down-to-earth insight on minimizing family conflict, starting new relationships, and making the most of the time with the kids. The advice is practical, intuitive, and candid, and the easy-to-read question and answer format makes it simple to find just the right information. “This book is a toolbox. It answers the questions men ask, or should be asking, when going through a divorce so they can get on with their lives,” stress Buser and Sternes.

While other divorce books focus primarily on legal issues, The Guys-Only Guide to Getting Over
shifts the focus to the psychological process of divorce and the challenging transitions that
follow. Buser and Sternes give men the no-nonsense guidance they need to navigate the divorce process and beyond, from being a great dad to finding their way in the modern singles scene and eventually remarrying.

Life goes on after divorce, and Buser and Sternes are here to help.

Chapters in The Guys-Only
Guide include:

• I Never Saw it Coming
• Getting Your Head Back Together
• Games and Serious Stuff
• Beginning to Date (Again)
• Thinking About Sex (Again)


Sam J. Buser, Ph.D. is past-president of the Texas Psychological Association and a member of the American Psychological Associations Division 51 (Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity). With more than 20 years experience in treating men, Buser is an adjunct faculty member of the Counseling Psychology Program at the University of Houston, teaching graduate courses in marital and family therapy. He has appeared on the nationally syndicated Montell Williams Show, and is featured frequently on local radio and television programs as an expert on a variety of psychological topics. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas.

Glenn F. Sternes, Ph.D. is an expert in the field of interpersonal relationships, men's issues and human sexuality. He teaches graduate courses on the subjects and maintains a clinical practice in the Houston Area. He and coauthor Sam J. Buser, Ph.D. are highly trained clinicians, licensed psychologists with 20+ years of experience. Both have frequently presented at local, state, and national conferences and have independent practices in Houston, Texas.

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