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Press Release

Less Stress, More Success (flyer)

Press release date: 2001-04-19

Less Stress!
More Success!

What do I do when...
…my child lies?”
…my child wont communicate?”
…my child is irresponsible?”
…my child disregards rules?”
…my child is too aggressive?”
…my child seems depressed?”
…I don't know what to do with my child?”

Raising Children You Can Live With gives you answers to these questions and to many more like them. “Raising Children You Can Live With” is a book about resolving—indeed, preventing—problems with children, especially teenagers and those “acting like” teenagers. It presents practical guidelines for ensuring healthy, enjoyable relationships between parents and children. Its a book about change, about hope, and about possibilities.
Jamie Raser brings his 21 years of experience in working with families of all kinds to you in an easy-to-read, informative and practical book. He gives helpful phrases to use in difficult situations, tells how to turn “sour” interactions into pleasant ones, and outlines specific strategies for success. Jamie Raser has presented nationally and internationally on this topic, and has been praised for his practical answers to tough, everyday questions.
With Raising Children You Can Live With in your hands, you can:
o Understand how relationships get off track.
o Command power with your children without overpowering them.
o Know exactly what to say to solve behavior and attitude problems.
o Influence your children in a positive direction.
o Let go of your frustrations.
o Feel effective as a parent and enjoy your children.
o Take care of yourself!

About the Author
Jamie Raser, LMSW-ACP, has been working with children, teens and their families since 1976. His clinical skills have been sought by Children Protection Agencies, Juvenile Probation units, public schools, and family doctors. He is a licensed Master of Social Work-Advanced Clinical Practitioner and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Mr. Raser did postgraduate training with the Texas Institute of Family Psychiatry and completed a postgraduate fellowship in Marriage and Family Therapy at the Houston Galveston Institute in 1985. He has been a Clinical Faculty member of the Houston Galveston Institute since 1986. He currently serves on the editorial advisory board for the Journal of Systemic Therapies.
Jamie Raser maintains a clinical practice in Houston, consults regularly to a local school district, and conducts workshops on parenting issues. His caseload ranges from teens involved in severe delinquent behaviors (gangs, drugs, running away, suicide) to general adolescent issues (school performance problems, identity issues) to general family functioning. He believes that it is possible to raise children you can live with, to have fun doing it, and to feel successful.

What People Are Saying About This Book…
“Sound ideas for improving parent-child relationships. Strategic interaction and the Parents Creed are invaluable tools for parents, foster parents, and all those in the parenting role.”
—Janet Legler Luft,
Program Specialist, Children's Protective Services,
Department of Protective and Regulatory Services

“I found this book to be very real in its focus. The examples are very realistic. (In fact, I feel like you must have been hiding in a closet in my house.) I will be able to use many of the suggested techniques in both my professional and personal interactions.”

—Judy Connors,
Junior High School Assistant Principal

“Patients are always asking me for advice with their children. This book, with its clear, easy-to-read examples, hits the spot. I freely recommend this book to my patients.”
—Paul Millea, M.D.,
Family Physician

“Your book has been very helpful to me. I can finally discipline my child effectively, without feeling guilty about it.”

—Kathy Obermeyer,
Mother of 14 year-old teenager

“Jamie Rasers clear, gentle but effective approach is a welcome aid for parents struggling to help their children (and themselves) survive their adolescent years. Avoiding the twin traps of authoritarianism and permissiveness, this book provides the means to develop cooperation with even the most difficult of adolescents. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”

—Eugene Epstein, Ph.D.Chief Psychologist,
Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services
Reinhard-Nieter Hospital, Wilhelmshaven, Germany

“An excellent resource for clinicians and families.”
—Randy Phelps, Ph.D., Past-President of
Houston Psychological Association

“Id like for all our teachers and our parents to have a copy of this book.”
—Sam Bullock, Junior High School Counselor

“Jamie Raser has written a wonderful guide for parents. It focuses parents attention right where it should be: on the interactions between parent and child.”
—Lee Winderman, Ph.D., Past-President of Texas
Association for Marriage and Family Therapists

“I wish I had read this when my kids were younger. Good, solid advice.”
—Meg Scott, LMSW-ACP, Past-President of Houston
Association for Marriage and Family Therapy