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Press Release

What People Are Saying (Press Release)

Press release date: 2001-03-09

For Release: Immediately for Anytime

What People Are Saying About This Book…

“An excellent resource for clinicians and families.”
—Randy Phelps, Ph.D., Past-President of Houston
Psychological Association

“Id like for all our teachers and our parents to have a copy of this book.”
—Sam Bullock, Junior High School Counselor

“Jamie Raser has written a wonderful guide for parents. It focuses parents attention right where it should be: on the interactions between parent and child.”
—Lee Winderman, Ph.D., Past-President of Texas
Association for Marriage and Family Therapists

“I wish I had read this when my kids were younger. Good, solid advice.”
—Meg Scott, LMSW-ACP, Past-President of Houston Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

“Sound ideas for improving parent-child relationships. Strategic interaction and the Parents Creed are invaluable tools for parents, foster parents, and all those in the parenting role.”
—Janet Legler Luft, Program Specialist, Childrens
Protective Services, Department of Protective and Regulatory Services

“I found this book to be very real in its focus. The examples are very realistic. (In fact, I feel like you must have been hiding in a closet in my house.) I will be able to use many of the suggested techniques in both my professional and personal interactions.”
—Judy Connors, Junior High School Assistant Principal

“Patients are always asking me for advice with their children. This book, with its clear, easy-to-read examples, hits the spot. I freely recommend this book to my patients.”
—Paul Millea, M.D., Family Physician

“Your book has been very helpful to me. I can finally discipline my child effectively, without feeling guilty about it.”
—Kathy Obermeyer, Mother of 14 year-old teenager

“Jamie Rasers clear, gentle but effective approach is a welcome aid for parents struggling to help their children (and themselves) survive their adolescent years. Avoiding the twin traps of authoritarianism and permissiveness, this book provides the means to develop cooperation with even the most difficult of adolescents. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”
—Eugene Epstein, Ph.D.Chief Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services, Reinhard-Nieter Hospital, Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Table of Contents
Section 1 . All About Parenting...
o Chapter 1. The Parenting Relationship
o Chapter 2 . Strategic Interaction
o Chapter 3 . What Do We Do About It? The Six Ps
o Chapter 4 . Positions and Other Important Things
o Chapter 5. Strategic Interaction in Action
Section 2. What Do I Do When...
o Chapter 6 ... My Child Lies?
o Chapter 7 ... My Child Wont Communicate?
o Chapter 8 ... My Child Always Blames Others?
o Chapter 9 ... My Child Is Careless and Irresponsible?
o Chapter 10 ... My Child Wont Learn from Experience?
o Chapter 11 ... My Child Acts Out with Drugs, Alcohol or Sex?
o Chapter 12 ... My Child Shows Poor Judgment and Is Easily Influenced?
o Chapter 12 ... My Child Wont Listen to Reason?
o Chapter 14 ... My Child Is Violent?
o Chapter 15 ... My Child Wont Obey Rules?
o Chapter 16 ... My Child Is in A Gang, Hangs With a Bad Crowd,
Or Is Prone to Peer Pressure?
o Chapter 17 ... My Child Seems Depressed?
Section 3. All About Success...
o Chapter 18. What Do I Do When “Nothing” Seems to Work?
o Chapter 19. When “Nothing” Works, This Works
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About the Author

A refreshing book with practical solutions to an age-old challenge. This easy-to-use book gives frustrated parents exactly what they need in order to have healthy, fulfilling relationships with their children. Raising Children provides helpful phrases to use in difficult situations, tells how to turn “sour” interactions into pleasant ones, and outlines specific strategies for success. Its about change, about hope, and about possibilities. No other parenting book specifically targets parent-child interactions.

Jamie Raser has presented nationally and internationally on this topic for 20 years, and has been praised for his practical answers to tough, everyday questions.

Highly recommended by family therapists and by national parenting experts. Excellent for libraries.

Available through: Unique, Baker & Taylor, Quality Books, and Ingram.