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Start Talking Bookmarks


By : Mary Jo Rapini , Janine Sherman
 | Product Code: XS-BM02  | Language: English  | Book Size: Set of 100  | Pages: 0
 | Rating: 4.5 
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Use these bookmarks for special events.

“Great Q&A format. Easy for
girls and moms to use in the
car, on the way to school, or
around town. Something you
can squeeze into any life."

—Regina Lederman, PhD,
RN, Author & Professor, UT
School of Nursing, Teen Pregnancy
Prevention Program

“Delightful. A must-read!"

—Anne Grizzle, LMSW-ACP,
Author of Mothers Who
Love Too Much and Going
Home Grown Up

"Start Talking makes medical knowledge about your
body easy to understand. It
facilitates real communication
about difficult issues."

—Susan J. Mandel, MD,
MPH, Assoc. Professor,
U Penn School of Medicine

A fresh new guide for mother-
daughter conversations, and
perhaps the single best resource
for GIRL TALK. Available at
your favorite local or online

Setting the Table.

Pick one of these great
mother-daughter “settings"
for your next table talk

• Ride in the car listening
to music— just the two of you.
Use the lyrics to spur animated
• Take a walk—a wandering walk—
together, and let the conversation
go where it may.
• Pick your daughter up from school
and suggest a drink at a coffee
house or a tea room. Most coffee
houses have comfortable, quiet
seating at this time of day.
• Learn to knit together. Many knitting
shops often have quiet cozy areas
in which to work. Furthermore,
knitting can be a productive
conversation-enhancing hobby.
• Read a book together—outloud. Let
the content spark your talk.
• Make special plans to get up early
and have a quiet breakfast before
the rest of the family wakes up.
• Go to yoga class together. Get a
smoothie afterwards.
• Dance together. Enroll in a tap class,
then go out for dinner.
• Plant an herb garden. Cook one meal
per week together with the herbs.
• Have a “spa day" at home. Give
each other “manis" and “pedis." 
Serve sparkling apple cider to
make it special.
• Find a place in your town that offers
high tea one afternoon. Or, make
scones, put on classical music and
have your own tea party.

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