Texas Law for the Social Worker (2016) (eBook)
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Texas Law for the Social Worker (2016) (eBook)

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Texas Law for the Social Worker (2016) (eBook)

A 2016 Sourcebook

By : Vicki Hansen , J. Ray Hays
ISBN: 978-1-886298-73-6  | Product Code: EB-220  | Publication date:  | Imprint: Bayou Publishing  | Language: English  | Book Format: Ditigal (PDF)  | Book Size: 2.6 MB  | Pages: 525
 | Rating: 4.5 

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Also available in Print Version.

Vicki Hansen, LMSW-AP, ACSW
J. Ray Hays, Ph.D.,J.D.

Texas Law for the Social Worker 2016 provides licensed social workers, social work students and professors with the key legal and policy issues specific to the state of Texas today. Issues directly affecting practitioners and their students have been carefully selected statutes, case laws, and official archives of the Attorney General Opinions and Open Records Opinions. No other compilation of such critical, up-to-date material exists for the state of Texas. New up-to-date material belonging to the 81st Legislative Session!

Quickly and easily find information that would usually take hours to track down.

Practitioners and students alike will find comprehensive codes related to:
*Civil Practice and Remedies
*Human Resources
*Health and Safety

Four case laws--reported in their entirety--include these landmark decisions:

  • Thapar v. Zezulka--an excellent discussion of the duty to warn/duty to protect doctrine in Texas
  • Abrams v. Jones--a ground-breaking decision on confidentiality between a therapist, a child client and the childs parents
  • Jaffee v. Redmond--a timely example of the complicated issue of psychotherapy notes in agency settings
  • B.K v. Cox--duty to report and derived judicial immunity

“This book is a must-have for every social work student in field and every social worker in practice! Staying up-to-date on laws affecting our work is crucial!"
—Pat Gleason-Wynn, PhD, LCSW, President
National Association of Social Workers Texas Chapter

The single resource for the legal guidelines shaping the practice of social work in Texas.

Each of the editors is a leading authority in the state of Texas on legal issues for social workers and mental health practitioners. Each is a nationally recognized professor who has received multiple awards for service on the boards of numerous state and national associations.

A special project of the National Association of Social Workers/Texas Chapter .

*eBook download link included in email is valid for 48 hours.

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