- BookLibrary - James A. Baker Library BookLibrary 2017-11-23 06:13:13 BookLibrary Positive Parenting 101 Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-35-4
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-06-21 10:31:46
Language: English
Price: 24.95

Divorce is a painful time, in the very best of cases. It is emotionally gut-wrenching, especially when there are children involved. There are no winners, just survivors.

Positive Parenting 101 was written to help divorcing parents understand and respond constructively to the needs of their children during this confusing, painful time in their lives. With this practical guide in your hands you will be able to:

- Learn 4 different parenting styles and select which ones are most effective for you
- Understand and respond to the needs of all children at different ages
- Develop strategies for interacting with your divorcing spouse regarding the children, in order to maintain a constructive parenting atmosphere
- Identify effective ways to help kids manage their emotions and process grief, anxiety and anger appropriately during the divorce process and afterwards

These--and many other helpful topics addressed in this handbook--provide divorcing parents with the tools they need to be great parents, even during the chaos divorce can create. Their children will have the security and love they need to survive and thrive!

"This simple, helpful handbook is written in a way that is easy to understand and easy to use. I command my friend, James A. (Jim) Baker, for once again developing a thorough and very helpful resource that is going to help a lot of people live saner, safer lives"
--John Bradshaw,
Author of New York Times Bestseller Healing the Shame that Binds You 

For more information on taking the online course with accompanying certificate, visit

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Counseling and Training Guide Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-24-8
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-02-07 10:01:23
Language: English
Price: 29.95

You Can Help Someone Change NOW! The Anger Busting Workbook, by James A. (Jim) Baker, is the most effective anger management resource to come along in years. The hands-on, interactive format and in-your-face writing style compel angry men to quit blaming others and making excuses, and get busy making changes. But this workbook isn't just for men. It also includes insightful material to help women stay safe and take charge of their lives if they are in relationships with angry men. All of this comes in a flexible format that is effective and easy to use in a variety of therapeutic settings.

Enter the Counseling and Training Guide for the Anger Busting Workbook, the perfect companion to the workbook for anyone who is committed to supporting angry people on their road to recovery. The Counseling Guide breaks down the workbook program into a variety of formats and settings, giving you fast, easy-to-use study notes, tips, timelines and quick-reference discussion guides to implement an Anger Busting recovery program that will meet the needs of any client, couple or group.

You will love the straightforward, easy-to-use format! For instance, no more wondering what to do or say when a member of your group "cops an attitude."We have your strategy and response mapped out for you in Session One! You will appreciate the dozens of valuable tips and techniques contained in the guide.The Counseling and Training Guide for the Anger Busting Workbook will help you get organized quickly, be well prepared for every situation, and direct every session with confidence. This is not just a time saver for you but it will also help you implement and change the lives of anger addicts.

If you are someone who provides services to people with anger problems  "a therapist, pastoral counselor, social worker, group facilitator, training manager, etc.“ then you know that simply talking about the problem week after week won't cut it. You need a program that will plow through all the denial and excuses, and get results fast. The Anger Busting Workbook program is just what you have been looking for, and the Counseling Guide gives you everything you need to implement the program quickly and efficiently. You CAN help people start changing NOW! The Counseling Guide will show you how it's done.

"If you are an anger addict, or in a relationship with an anger addict, the ANGER BUSTING WORKBOOK is going to help you make sense out of the mess your life is in."

                                                                                                                  --New York Times Bestselling Author John Bradshaw

The Counseling Guide contains:

* Running commentary and valuable suggestions for understanding and working in a variety of settings and formats with angry men and the women who love them.

* Specific, step-by-step instructions to prepare for and lead an eight-week anger management group for men.

*Specific, step-by-step instructions to prepare for and lead a six-week relationship management group for women who love angry men and are trying to live with them.

* Quick reference summaries and leader's guides, suitable for using as discussion outlines and time-management tools for each session you lead.

Ideal for individual, group or marital therapy
Confidently lead anger-management groups
Develop anger management programs for court-ordered counseling
Enhance training skills and conduct workshops for reageaholic couples

JAMES A. (JIM) BAKER, one of America's forerunners in the field of corporate training, has received national and international acclaim for his worldwide training seminars. He specializes in conflict resolution, negotiation, and anger management. Trainees from all over the world have participated in his Anger Management Seminar.

Visit him at

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The Anger Busting Workbook Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-19-4
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-02-07 09:53:56
Language: English
Price: 14.95

The Anger Busting Workbook - Simple, Powerful Techniques for Managing Anger and Saving Relationships',  James A. (Jim) Baker, one of America's forerunners in the field of corporate training, has received national and international acclaim for his worldwide training seminars. He specializes in conflict resolution, negotiation, and anger management.

Includes 51 Anger Busters you can use anytime, anywhere.
When counting to 10 doesn't cut it anymore.

It Can happen to anyone. You get mad, really mad. Then things start happening. The shouting starts. Doors get slammed. Something gets broken. Someone gets hurt. If you--or your partner --have the kind of anger that rages out of control, you're not alone. Many people feel things deeply and react strongly to the situations around them. But anger can become a way of life.

When it starts to affect your marriage, your job, your kids, or your own sense of who you are, you know it's time to get help. If you're already visiting a therapist, facing a judge in court, or getting written up by your boss, it's still not too late. The information and techniques in this book put you in control of anger and back in charge of your life right NOW.


Win back your life -- and your wife -- in 90 days. These proven techniques have already helped thousands of men save their relationships and turn their lives around. Part One of this workbook is for men. Part Two is for the women who love them. You'll even read about other couples facing similar situations.

Be ready the next time anger strikes.The Anger Busting Workbook takes on anger in a big way. When you have weeks or only days to get your anger under control, this workbook can do it for you. Get straight talk on what you can do TODAY to shut down the boiler and give yourself a second chance.

Quickly learn how to:
- STOP anger, without having to analyze it to death
- Cut the fuel line to your anger in six simple steps
- Put a sock in it--it's OK to simply shut up
- Use body language to put the brakes on anger in less than 60 seconds
- Master words and phrases PROVEN to get you out of the doghouse
- Take care of yourself--create less stress, more success
- Create happier endings for the same old arguments
- Start living the life you really want for yourself AND your family

Quick Quiz! Are you an "Anger Addict"? Find out on page 27.

Anger Busting At It's Best
- Includes 51 Anger Busters you can use anytime, anywhere.
- Easier to rip in half than a phonebook, but so much better for you!
- Use it on your own, with your spouse, or with a therapist.

The New companion to Newton Hightower's Best Selling, Award Winning Book, Anger Busting 101.

For more information visit:

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The Ultimate Trainer's Handbook Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-40-8
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-02-01 13:35:46
Language: English
Price: 34.95

The Ultimate Trainer's Handbook

Now in one concise handbook, here's invaluable, straight-forward advice and instruction for all those who want to provide dynamite, power-packed seminar instruction. With over 30 years of experience in training managers of Fortune 500 companies, training expert Jim Baker shows how to engage and fire up the audience, present unforgettable content, and inside:

- Comprehensive strategies for preparing presentations
- Delivering power-packed introductions
- Maximizing the impact of instructional tools
- Keeping participants actively engaged...and always learning
- Best uses of case studies, games, and role-plays
- Conducting effective web-based training seminars
- Quizzes and exercises
- Much more

o Required reading for all course trainers who want to be the best.

o Perfect for both experienced seminar leaders and those wishing to enter the field.

High praise from best-selling author and motivational speaker, and performance strategist Tony Robbins:

"Effective training isn't about conveying information; it is about igniting behavior change in the lives of the audience by helping them tap into new paradigms and fresh vision that releases the motivation and energy to change."

"In The Ultimate Trainer's Handbook, Jim Baker has provided a wealth of tools that will help seminar leaders and trainers to facilitate real behavior change that will make a lasting difference."
-- Tony Robbins (Unleash the Power Within)

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Zen and the Art of Negotiation Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-39-2
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-24 14:51:38
Language: English
Price: 24.95

Most people think they just don't have what it takes to be a good negotiator. But if you stop and think, you will realize that this can't be exactly true. When you were a kid, did you ever ask your mom for a cookie right before dinner? Did you ever ask your Dad to let you out of your chores until tomorrow?  Did you ever ask your older sister to borrow her new turtleneck sweater?  Those were negotiations. As an adult, have you ever swapped work shifts, or organized the church bazaar, or hired a remodeling contractor to builder your new deck? This list goes on, and it is all negotiating.

The truth is you are a born negotiator, because you were born into a world where people must negotiate in order to get anything done.  In Zen and the Art of Negotiation, James A. Baker walks you through a simple process to help you tap into your inner negotiator. You will learn how to:

- Prepare for a negotiation
- Initiate a negotiation conversation
- Test the waters for your proposal
- Swap concessions that get you what you need
- Neutralize tactics from the other side and stay focused on your goals

Throughout the book, you will also be reminded of timeless truths that will help you stay centered on what is most important in life, so you can see that negotiation is ultimately about more than just winning.

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2016-02-24 14:51:38
The Tactical Negotiator Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-41-5
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-24 14:49:19
Language: English
Price: 24.95

A lot of people are intimidated when it comes to negotiating, because they think it takes a lot of experience and nerves of steel to be successful, especially if the other side resorts to manipulation, intimidation, or tricks to throw you off.  It doesn't have to be this way.  Drawing on over 30 years as one of America's most successful negotiations trainers, James A. Baker lays out an easy-to-follow, strategy for planning a negotiation, with a focus on recognizing and neutralizing the typical negotiation tactics people can use to upset your apple cart.

This book will teach you how to:

- Get inside the head of the other party and understand how they are thinking

- Thoroughly plan every step of your negotiation and be ready for any contingency

- Use concessions to control the flow of the negotiation

- Neutralize 20 typical negotiation tactics the other side could use to throw you off your game

- And much more

Most of all, this book will convince you that if you think you have the power, you have it! The insights contained here will give you the skill and confidence you need to handle any negotiation.  If knowledge is power, then get ready to use the negotiation secrets revealed here to take a powerful step forward the next time you prepare to negotiate anything.

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The Sexual Harassment Workbook Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-53-8
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-24 14:44:51
Language: English
Price: 24.95

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission handles over 11,000 sexual harassment cases annually, resulting in over $52 million paid out to victims. Clearly, a failure to properly prepare for and deal with sexual harassment issues can have a serious impact on businesses and careers.

This eight-lesson workbook clearly explains what sexual harassment is - and isn't - under the law, and provides a through background to help you understand:

- Dynamics underlying sexual harassment
- How sexual harassment can be prevented, including federal rules for educating employees
- How to report sexual harassment and your rights under the law if you are a victim
- Liability and potential consequences to employers resulting from harassment

If you are a manager or a business owner, this workbook will clarify for you the consequences of not talking sexual harassment seriously, and it will provide you with tools to safeguard your employees and your company. And most important of all, if you are someone who finds yourself in a hostile work environment, as you work through this program, you will discover that you have options, and options give you power.

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Sales 10.0 Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-43-9
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-24 14:35:22
Language: English
Price: 24.95

The business world has never been more chaotic than it is now. The economy is wracked with confusion, and globalization is imposing competitive pressures that are without precedent.

What a great time to be in sales!

That's right! The Sales 10.0 Revolution makes it possible for you to open doors, make connections, build relationships, communicate value, and close business faster and more profitable than any time in history, in spite of the uncertain economy. If selling is your passion, join the Sales 10.0 Revolution, where you will learn how to:

- Recruit and train better sales teams
- Leverage new technologies to quickly uncover and close new business
- Ask better questions of your customers that help you build better solutions
- Quickly connect with champions inside a new target account
- Turn objections into opportunities to keep selling
- Smoothly close the deal and lock in next actions steps
- Much more

Sales 10.0 combines new cloud-based technologies with a fresh look at the "blocking and tackling" fundamentals we all know we should be doing but have drifted away from, to create a powerful list of best practices that will turn you and your sales teams into big winners.

Welcome to the Sales 10.0 Revolution!

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Boating Safety: Essentials Handbook Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-16-3
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-23 14:10:18
Language: English
Price: 24.95

The Boating Safety Course Essentials Handbook provides boaters with the basic, easy-to-learn information you need to keep you and your family safe on America's waterways.

As the print companion to the comprehensive lesson-based, this Handbook serves as a valuable resource for safe boating practices-at home or while on your favorite waterway.

The Boating Safety Course Essentials Handbook includes:
-  Boating term you need to know
- Required and recommended equipment
- Preparation, including float plans and safety checklists
- Boat navigation and "rules of the road"
- Safe operation on the water, including departure and docking techniques
- Personal watercraft (PWC) operations
- What to do in emergencies and storms
- Protecting the marine environment
- Safe practices for waterskiing, swimming from a boat, non-powered watercraft, and much more

Knowing safe boating practices and rules will give you the knowledge and confidence to maximize your family's fun on the water. You can trust the Boating Safety Course Essentials Handbook to steer you and your boat safety.

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2016-02-23 14:10:18