- BookLibrary - E-Books BookLibrary 2017-11-23 06:09:23 BookLibrary The Guys-Only Guide to Getting Over Divorce (eBook) Authors: 36,50
ISBN: 978-1-886298-66-8
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-11-17 09:19:53
Language: English
Price: 16.95

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This book is a man's guide to recovering from divorce and starting a new life. Written from the viewpoint of psychologists, the book uses a question and answer format to give men straight advice on how to minimize conflict, reduce harm to children, and start new relationships. The format enables the reader to choose just those sections that are applicable or of most interest. The emphasis of this book is not on legal pitfalls, but on how men can manage the psychological issues inherent in a divorce. The authors give extensive coaching to men in how to begin dating again, the nature of sexuality post-divorce, and making choices that can lead to a successful future marriage.

What about Me?
Practical advice for every man dealing with divorce.

Face it. When it comes to getting your life back together after divorce, most of the great advice out there is geared toward women. Sure, there’s no end of advice for men about financial and legal concerns. But, what about YOU personally—your adjustment to a new kind of life, your uncertainty about how to start over. Your time has come! Whether you are newly separated or finalized your divorce last year, The Guys-Only-Guide to divorce answers questions from hundreds of men just like you about how to get on with a better life!

From Ex to Sex
(And everything in between—questions guys ask, or should ask!)

This Q&A Coaching Covers it All:
• The nuts and bolts of starting over
• Why time is absolutely on your side
• “Is it normal to feel this way about my ex-wife, my kids, other women?‿
• Dating again—what kind of woman you should be looking for?
• Having sex again—when, how much, working out the kinks, and more
• Getting serious—how to avoid the same mistakes this time around
• How to go for a good thing when you see it—you deserve it!

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Is God Pink? (eBook) Authors: 55
ISBN: 978-1-886298-82-8
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-11-14 13:15:13
Language: English
Price: 14.95

A typical workout at the gym turns tragic when psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini suffers a brain aneurysm. After surviving a near-death experience, she recounts her triumphant path to a miraculous complete recovery.

Prior to her illness, Mary Jo counseled hospitalized cancer patients. She shares their fascinating stories about how dying brought them healing. She credits the understanding she gained from her own illness and near-death experience, along with insights acquired from working with top-notch cancer doctors, as allowing her to fully appreciate the power of spiritual healing

Mary Jo Rapini, LPC grew up on the frozen tundra of northern Wisconsin as number six of nine children.  She is a licensed professional counselor in private practice with a specialty in oncology counseling, sex/intimacy therapy, and body image issues. Mary Jo lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, two daughters, and her very large dog.

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Positive Parenting 101 (eBook) Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-77-4
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-06-21 10:32:15
Language: English
Price: 24.95

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Divorce is a painful time, in the very best of cases. It is emotionally gut-wrenching, especially when there are children involved. There are no winners, just survivors.

Positive Parenting 101 was written to help divorcing parents understand and respond constructively to the needs of their children during this confusing, painful time in their lives. With this practical guide in your hands you will be able to:

- Learn 4 different parenting styles and select which ones are most effective for you
- Understand and respond to the needs of all children at different ages
- Develop strategies for interacting with your divorcing spouse regarding the children, in order to maintain a constructive parenting atmosphere
- Identify effective ways to help kids manage their emotions and process grief, anxiety and anger appropriately during the divorce process and afterwards

These--and many other helpful topics addressed in this handbook--provide divorcing parents with the tools they need to be great parents, even during the chaos divorce can create. Their children will have the security and love they need to survive and thrive!

"This simple, helpful handbook is written in a way that is easy to understand and easy to use. I command my friend, James A. (Jim) Baker, for once again developing a thorough and very helpful resource that is going to help a lot of people live saner, safer lives"
--John Bradshaw,
Author of New York Times Bestseller Healing the Shame that Binds You


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Success Express for Teens (e-Book) Authors: 41
ISBN: 978-1-886298-60-6
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-05-08 14:59:57
Language: English
Price: 14.95

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Leslie compares choosing a direction for your life with going to a train station and deciding which train will take you to your desired destination.

The ticket for every destination in life is commitment. "Are you required to remain only on one train all your life?" students ask Leslie. "Of course not," he reassures them. "You may return to the depot at any time to pick a new train, or you may re-board old trains you once took but left earlier."

To help young people decide on a destination, this award-winning teacher developed and refined the exercises shared in Success Express for Teens. Throughout the book, the brief, action-oriented activities pose the questions "What should I do next?", "How?" and "What's in it for me?" After describing the goal of the activity, Leslie then leaves room to respond to specific instructions and reflect on how the knowledge can be put to immediate use in real life.

Inspired by Leslie's personal struggle with depression as a teen, and refined during eleven years of classroom "testing" with real teens, the lessons learned from the activities ring true. Leslie hopes each participant's journey will be like a swift ride on an express train to success. "We achieve by doing. We learn by living." says Leslie.
"These 50 self-guided activities empower teens to determine personal strengths, choose a direction for success, and make dynamic strides toward realizing their biggest dreams."
~ Mary Lue Summerlin, Ed.D.
Director of Psychological Services
Deer Park, TX ISD

The activities are set up to encourage teenagers to clarify their highest ambitions, identify wise risks, and develop motivation that will help make them self-starters and keep them focused on their goals--even in the face of adversity. Leslie subtly teaches students about their dynamic relationship with life and the empowering role they play in any destiny to which they aspire.

Teens can take their journey to success independently by completing the suggested activities on their own. In addition, the book has a helpful appendix for teachers, counselors, group leaders and parents which details ways to turn each of the 50 activitities into shared group experiences for five to fifty teens. So, whether alone or with their peers, teens can board the Success Express and move toward identifying and realizing their dreams.

A prolific author, editor, teacher, librarian, national YA book reviewer, and motivational speaker, Roger Leslie uses original and dynamic techniques in his writing workshops, self esteem building seminars, and customized presentations. Besides articles, essays, and reviews, his published works include a history book, the three volume Library Programs that Inspire series (c)2001-2002), and a novel Drowning in Secret (Absey & Co, (c)2002). His writings and teachings have earned him awards from writing organizations, school districts, Chambers of Commerce, state universities and national education groups.

To request a review copy of Success Express for Teens, to arrange an interview with Roger Leslie or for any additional information, please contact Kate Bandos at KSB Promotions 800-304-3269 fax 616-676-0759

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Teach Me SUCCESS! (eBook) Authors: 41
ISBN: 978-1-886298-68-2
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-05-08 14:59:12
Language: English
Price: 24.95

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Reach Out to the Whole Child!

Today, character education requires more than teaching the basics of living in harmony with others.  It now includes guiding kids to achieve personal goals in the bigger world.  Teach Me SUCCESS is based on seven SUCCESS traits that have revitalized the mandated character education movement.  The book's innovation approach makes planning easy for educations and learning a delight for kids!

What Is New and What You Get:

  • Personal "performance" qualities often neglected in traditional character education
  • Kids' favorite chapter books and character models, chosen through the "State Child Choice Awards" in all 50 states
  • An interdisciplinary approach, for use with any subject area
  • Freedom and flexibility to quickly blend themes into existing lesson plans
  • kid-friendly ways to build social skills and emotional intelligence
  • Ready-reference charts for minimal prep time
  • A resource guided and approved by an extensive teacher peer-review process


The Leg Work Has Been Done for You

"This is breakthrough character education. For schools pressed for time and resources, it's an essential tool. For parents and grandparents, it's a fast way to find good books rich in character themes. Hats off to Dr. Leslie and his team of 50 teachers!"
Thomas Lickona, Ph.D., author, Character Matters: How to Help Our Children Develop Good Judgment, Integrity, and Other Essential Virtues
Director, Center for the 4th and 5th Rs (, State University of New York at Cortland

"Dr. Roger Leslie has created the most extensive analysis of character traits in children's literature that I have seen. This inspired guide is highly useful for any educators who need to integrate character education into their curricula."
Marvin W. Berkowitz, Ph.D. , Sanford N. McDonnell Professor of Character Education, UM System Thomas Jefferson Professor, Center for Character and Citizenship

"Dr. Leslie's book provides a creative, user friendly, time-saving reference set of resources for character education in the classroom, the counseling office, and the home."
Sharon Wilson, M. Ed., LPC, CSW, Clinical School Counselor

Roger Leslie, PhD is nationally recognized by school districts, universities, and education organizations for his leadership in the character education movement. His first book, Success Express for Teens, has won multiple book awards and praise by fellow educators. A former English teacher and librarian, Dr. Leslie is vanguard in the effort to continually improve the way educators translate what is require into what is rewarding for teacher and students alike.

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The Pursuit of Zero (eBook) Authors: 47
ISBN: 978-1-886298-69-9
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-05-08 14:20:12
Language: English
Price: 29.95

Also available in Print Version.

Safety IS the Competitive Edge
Here's How to Get IT

People want to work for, do business with, and invest in companies that drive for Excellence! Plus, no job is worth getting injured for, and you don't want an employee getting hurt on your watch. The pursuit of Zero is not a technical manual about safety regulations. It's a playbook of the principles and beliefs proven to drive record-breaking safety performance --- a focus that leads you, your team, and your company to record success.

Whether your organization is celebrating a safety milestone or responding to a safety incident, this is THE guide to setting new records or getting back on track.

Learn what is takes to:

  • Translate safety into dollars the way world-class companies do
  • Become a preferred supplier for your best customers and prospects
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Grow your brand as a conscientious company
  • Make yourself more promotable within your company and your industry
  • Know you’re making a difference as you contribute to the welfare of your employees and their families

Bob Vruggink, Operational Excellence expert, started his career with a simple commitment to safety first. This personal and professional drive quickly catapulted his career from the plant floor to President of a surface technologies company where he achieved four consecutive years of record-breaking safety performance and four consecutive years of unprecedented profits. From there he continued building and rebuilding companies and organizations by leading with safety. Executive, consultant, lecturer, and speaker, Vruggink works with senior executives and front lines across dozens of industries.

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Raising Children You Can Live With (e-Book) Authors: 54
ISBN: 978-1-886298-59-0
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-02-15 11:34:25
Language: English
Price: 14.95

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Also available in Print Version.

Other Versions
Amazon Kindle

Check out Jamie Raser's newest version (2015) of Raising Children You Can Live With now available for download on your Kindle or through the Kindle App on any mobile device.


Less Stress!
More Success!

What do I do when... child lies? child won't communicate? child is irresponsible? child disregards rules? child is too aggressive? child seems depressed?
...I don't know what to do with my child?

Raising Children You Can Live With gives you answers to these questions and to many more like them. Raising Children You Can Live With is a book about resolving--indeed, preventing--‿problems with children, especially teenagers and those "acting like" teenagers. It presents practical guidelines for ensuring healthy, enjoyable relationships between parents and children. It's a book about change, about hope, and about possibilities.

With Raising Children You Can Live With in your hands, you can:
* Understand how relationships get off track.
* Command power with your children without overpowering them.
* Know exactly what to say to solve behavior and attitude problems.
* Influence your children in a positive direction.
* Let go of your frustrations.
* Feel effective as a parent and enjoy your children.
* Take care of yourself!

Media Appearances

Watch or listen to recent Media Appearances by Jamie Raser


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Texas Law for the Social Worker (2016) (eBook) Authors: 38,53
ISBN: 978-1-886298-74-3
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-02-07 13:40:42
Language: English
Price: 49.95

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Also available in Print Version.

Vicki Hansen, LMSW-AP, ACSW
J. Ray Hays, Ph.D.,J.D.

Texas Law for the Social Worker 2016 provides licensed social workers, social work students and professors with the key legal and policy issues specific to the state of Texas today. Issues directly affecting practitioners and their students have been carefully selected statutes, case laws, and official archives of the Attorney General Opinions and Open Records Opinions. No other compilation of such critical, up-to-date material exists for the state of Texas. New up-to-date material belonging to the 81st Legislative Session!

Quickly and easily find information that would usually take hours to track down.

Practitioners and students alike will find comprehensive codes related to:
*Civil Practice and Remedies
*Human Resources
*Health and Safety

Four case laws--reported in their entirety--include these landmark decisions:

  • Thapar v. Zezulka--an excellent discussion of the duty to warn/duty to protect doctrine in Texas
  • Abrams v. Jones--a ground-breaking decision on confidentiality between a therapist, a child client and the childs parents
  • Jaffee v. Redmond--a timely example of the complicated issue of psychotherapy notes in agency settings
  • B.K v. Cox--duty to report and derived judicial immunity

“This book is a must-have for every social work student in field and every social worker in practice! Staying up-to-date on laws affecting our work is crucial!"
—Pat Gleason-Wynn, PhD, LCSW, President
National Association of Social Workers Texas Chapter

The single resource for the legal guidelines shaping the practice of social work in Texas.

Each of the editors is a leading authority in the state of Texas on legal issues for social workers and mental health practitioners. Each is a nationally recognized professor who has received multiple awards for service on the boards of numerous state and national associations.

A special project of the National Association of Social Workers/Texas Chapter .

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Breast Cancer (e-Book) Authors: 49
ISBN: 978-1-886298-63-7
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-02-01 14:00:13
Language: English
Price: 19.95

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Also available in Print Version.

“The artwork is stunning, and the stories truly touching and poignant. This book is simply inspirational.‿
                -Esther Valdez

“Fran’s message is touching and real; the circle of giving and receiving lives in her medium of listening to the stories of people who have walked a similar path.‿
           - Yvonne Denbina
            Owner, Garden of the Dragonfly
            Art Gallery

Fran Padgett is the author of “Breast Cancer Recovery: No One Wrote a Manual‿, the winner of six literary awards in 2007, including the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Silver Award in Health.  Her new book “Breast Cancer: No One Chose This Journey‿ is the second in the Breast Cancer series, and is a tribute - of paintings and stories - to women who have traveled the breast cancer journey.   As you read these stories, as only Fran can tell, you’ll see glimpses of rare human strength.  You’ll admire courageous decisions, and appreciate the spiritual beauty of these women.   You may find yourself reading through tears, maybe your jaw clenched in frustration, or with a smile as you relate to a “really tough lady.‿  But for all you will applaud.

Tribute: Evening at the Lake

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Anger Busting 101 (e-Book) Authors: 39
ISBN: 978-1-886298-29-3
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2017-02-01 13:19:40
Language: English
Price: 14.95

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Also available in Print Version.

You may find it impossible to believe that a single book could ever help solve a problem as serious and life-damaging as anger and rage. You may find counseling quite satisfying, but when it comes to the bottom line, you are raging as much as ever. You may have been told that you are going to have to take psycho-archaeology expeditions back to your childhood to discover and piece together the various elements that may be causing your anger problem. That may be helpful--or it may be a way to avoid changing your behavior.

Some new clients tell me, "I know I need to work through my issues with my mother and father and that it will take a few years." I worry that in the meantime they may be divorced, fired, in prison, or dead if they can't change their angry ways sooner. You can change right now.

There are men who want to stop their fault-finding, sarcasm, arguing, self-justification and self-righteous indignation, rage and violence. There are men who do not want to be divorced and lose their families. They want to be able to say, like I have for the last 10 years, "I am happily married and my life is good." This book is for the men stuck in the same jam and for the women who could love them again.

In "Anger Busting 101" Newton Hightower provides a framework for change that anyone can use. The author starts by establishing his credentials - he is not only a professional therapist but has had an anger problem that nearly ruined his life. He tried the therapies that were thought to help but was not successful. In fact, he found that many of the traditional therapies actually made his problem worse.

In this text he goes over the techniques that he found actually worked to change his life. These techniques came out of a whole new approach to anger, this approach is to treat anger as a recovery situation. This brings me to the only item that I had had a problem with in the book. In chapter 3 he discusses how to respond to questions of "why" from a spouse, sibling, or other person. For example, if asked why you got so angry and threw the lamp against the wall then you should use one of the answers given in the text. The basic idea of the answers is understandable as they focus on the angry person taking responsibility for their anger and actions. However, the way they are worded is highly questionable. For example, one response is "I'm crazy" or another is "I'm stupid". Current traditional psychotherapy would say to word it more along the lines of "What I did was a crazy thing to do" or "I did a stupid thing". Taking responsibility for your actions is one thing but taking it to the point of putting yourself down and endangering your self esteem when angry people often already have low self esteem does not seem like a good idea to me. Then again it is hard to argue with the results. From the cases listed in the book and the comments from other people that have used it successfully it does seem to work.

If anger is controlling you in any way and you want to start living a positive and fulfilling life then this book is for you. I would use caution with the wording in Chapter 3 and feel that you could take responsibility without the self-deprication, but other than that this book seems to offer hope to people who have been unsuccessful in controlling their rage in the past. A highly recommended read.


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Breast Cancer Recovery (e-Book) Authors: 49
ISBN: 978-1-886298-62-0
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-12-23 11:36:23
Language: English
Price: 35.00

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Also available in Print Version.

Across the polished wood table my surgeon's face was calm and concerned. His hands were on the open file of pathology reports. His eyes looked directly into mine. I found the sight of his skilled and gentle hands reassuring as I uttered the words that would change my body forever.

He had patiently heard my questions and quietly answered them, as I knew he had answered many, many breast cancer patients. But for those few minutes, it was as though I were the only patient in the world to have ever said, "I have decided on the mastectomy option."

"I feel the need to put some things in order," I said, my voice low. "Does it need to be scheduled quickly?"

He assured me that thirty days would have no significant impact on the ultimate outcome.

I stood up, shook his hand, smiled, bit my lip, and told him I would see him in exactly 31 days. My destination: the beaches of Galveston.

These chronicles of my breast cancer began in the hours and hours of sleepless solitude facing east across the Gulf of Mexico. Pinks and silver colors of sunrises and flesh flowed from my heart through my hand, filling pages of blank paper.

Next stop: the Gallery. It had been nearly two years since I first heard "invasive carcinoma, 12 o'clock, right breast; 6 o'clock, left breast." My breast cancer chronicles, 32 paintings and 26 essays were arranged and spotlighted on the gallery walls, to be viewed by family, friends and strangers.

In the subdued light, background music mingled with their lowered voices as they stopped in front of each page and each painting. When they turned to me I saw their tears. Yes, my friends, my images and words reveal my heart and bare my soul. Thank you for coming. I love you.

Part II: Past Recovery,"Beyond Reconstruction,"and on to "What Makes a Woman a Woman?'"

Saturday morning, twenty years ago.

I walk slowly into the kitchen, stopping at the counter beside the sink. "Why do I feel so awful?" I wonder.

I cross my arms on the countertop and lay my head on them. It's a good thing I don't have to go the office today, I think to myself. My whole body feels leaden, my mind as lethargic as my body, even though I have had extra sleep, proper food and vitamins, not to mention my usual large cups of morning coffee. Where is my energy? Why can't I think?

I call my mom. Whatever would we do without Dr. Moms?

I describe to her the physical and mental inertia I have been experiencing. "You probably need estrogen," she says. "I know that for me it is my energy."

Dr. Mom, right again!! Like magic, "hormone replacement therapy" lifted me back to vitality.

2002: Breast cancer recovery, early stages.

Houseguests are visiting us for a weekend. I leave them talking at the dinner table, walk into my closet and curl up on the floor in the fetal position. My mind is virtually blank. "I don't want to see anyone," I confide to my husband, who has found me huddling in the dark. Shortly he returns with that little yellow tablet.

"Take it," he say. He knew.

Four months: no estrogen.
Four days: Tamoxifen.

Gott en himmel!! I can't live like this. I have to be ME.
I sit across the polished wood table from Dr. Marlowe. As always, he is calm, and as always, patiently listens.

"Hot flashes, yes, but I can deal with those. Night sweats, yes, but I can stand that." I pause to gain control.

"But I can't face life not feeling like ME. It is estrogen that makes me feel good. It is estrogen that gives me energy. And more than that," I tap my forefinger on my forehead for emphasis, "I need it to be able to THINK. I have to work, I have to support myself, and I HAVE TO THINK."

He nods slowly, acknowledging that he understands.

"If taking estrogen shortens my life, THEN I TAKE THAT RISK!"

He assures me that we will do "whatever it takes to make you feel better." He signs the small square paper with the magic word scrawled on it that means that means Woman, that means Life, that means Vitality.

With tears of relief, I thank him, and leave clutching the prescription in my hand. And so began the gradual climb back to my creativity, my sanity, myself.Taken from No One Wrote a Manual by Fran Padgett

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The Sexual Harassment Workbook (eBook) Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-72-9
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-25 14:56:44
Language: English
Price: 24.95

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Also available in Print Version.

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission handles over 11,000 sexual harassment cases annually, resulting in over $52 million paid out to victims. Clearly, a failure to properly prepare for and deal with sexual harassment issues can have a serious impact on businesses and careers.

This eight-lesson workbook clearly explains what sexual harassment is - and isn't - under the law, and provides a through background to help you understand:

- Dynamics underlying sexual harassment
- How sexual harassment can be prevented, including federal rules for educating employees
- How to report sexual harassment and your rights under the law if you are a victim
- Liability and potential consequences to employers resulting from harassment

If you are a manager or a business owner, this workbook will clarify for you the consequences of not talking sexual harassment seriously, and it will provide you with tools to safeguard your employees and your company. And most important of all, if you are someone who finds yourself in a hostile work environment, as you work through this program, you will discover that you have options, and options give you power.

Click here for more information about: The Sexual Harassment Workbook

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Zen and the Art of Negotiation (eBook) Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-71-2
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-24 15:15:29
Language: English
Price: 24.95

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Also available in Print Version.

Most people think they just don't have what it takes to be a good negotiator. But if you stop and think, you will realize that this can't be exactly true. When you were a kid, did you ever ask your mom for a cookie right before dinner? Did you ever ask your Dad to let you out of your chores until tomorrow?  Did you ever ask your older sister to borrow her new turtleneck sweater?  Those were negotiations. As an adult, have you ever swapped work shifts, or organized the church bazaar, or hired a remodeling contractor to builder your new deck? This list goes on, and it is all negotiating.

The truth is you are a born negotiator, because you were born into a world where people must negotiate in order to get anything done.  In Zen and the Art of Negotiation, James A. Baker walks you through a simple process to help you tap into your inner negotiator. You will learn how to:

- Prepare for a negotiation
- Initiate a negotiation conversation
- Test the waters for your proposal
- Swap concessions that get you what you need
- Neutralize tactics from the other side and stay focused on your goals

Throughout the book, you will also be reminded of timeless truths that will help you stay centered on what is most important in life, so you can see that negotiation is ultimately about more than just winning.

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The Tactical Negotiator (eBook) Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-70-5
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-24 15:14:39
Language: English
Price: 24.95

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Also available in Print Version.

A lot of people are intimidated when it comes to negotiating, because they think it takes a lot of experience and nerves of steel to be successful, especially if the other side resorts to manipulation, intimidation, or tricks to throw you off.  It doesn't have to be this way.  Drawing on over 30 years as one of America's most successful negotiations trainers, James A. Baker lays out an easy-to-follow, strategy for planning a negotiation, with a focus on recognizing and neutralizing the typical negotiation tactics people can use to upset your apple cart.

This book will teach you how to:

- Get inside the head of the other party and understand how they are thinking

- Thoroughly plan every step of your negotiation and be ready for any contingency

- Use concessions to control the flow of the negotiation

- Neutralize 20 typical negotiation tactics the other side could use to throw you off your game

- And much more

Most of all, this book will convince you that if you think you have the power, you have it! The insights contained here will give you the skill and confidence you need to handle any negotiation.  If knowledge is power, then get ready to use the negotiation secrets revealed here to take a powerful step forward the next time you prepare to negotiate anything.

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2016-02-24 15:14:39
The Five Minute Parent (e-Book) Authors: 48
ISBN: 978-1-886298-64-4
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-24 15:12:46
Language: English
Price: 12.95

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Also available in Print Version.

"Maybe this weekend" or "Maybe later" are phrases that parents and others find themselves saying to children all too often. When a child wants to play catch or go camping or make a snack--and the adults are busy with chores or watching the news or are trying to take a "few minutes for themselves"--whose agenda should take precedence?

In the time it takes to check email, load the laundry or write a grocery list, you now have 115 fast, fabulous and fun things to do with your little ones. This book turns five minutes together into a treasury of new experiences neither of you will ever forget.

The Five Minute Parent isn't just another activity book. Colorful sidebars featuring jokes, trivia, riddles, facts and famous quotes are sure to arouse your child's curiosity.

This is not about keeping your child busy while you do something else. It's for anyone who wants to build strong bonds with their child and have fun doing it! So the next time your child asks, "Will you play with me?" open this book and say, "Sure!"

Not just for parents anymore!

Keep a copy handy for:

– grandparents
– aunts and uncles
– babysitters
– teachers and daycare workers

Anytime, Anywhere!
These activities are perfect for:

– play dates
– birthday parties
– holiday fun
– rainy days

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The Anger Busting Workbook (e-Book) Authors: 35
ISBN: 978-1-886298-61-3
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-24 15:12:23
Language: English
Price: 14.95

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Also available in Print Version.

The Anger Busting Workbook - Simple, Powerful Techniques for Managing Anger and Saving Relationships',  James A. (Jim) Baker, one of America's forerunners in the field of corporate training, has received national and international acclaim for his worldwide training seminars. He specializes in conflict resolution, negotiation, and anger management.

Includes 51 Anger Busters you can use anytime, anywhere.
When counting to 10 doesn't cut it anymore

It Can happen to anyone. You get mad, really mad. Then things start happening. The shouting starts. Doors get slammed. Something gets broken. Someone gets hurt. If you--or your partner --have the kind of anger that rages out of control, you're not alone. Many people feel things deeply and react strongly to the situations around them. But anger can become a way of life.

When it starts to affect your marriage, your job, your kids, or your own sense of who you are, you know it's time to get help. If you're already visiting a therapist, facing a judge in court, or getting written up by your boss, it's still not too late. The information and techniques in this book put you in control of anger and back in charge of your life right NOW.


Win back your life -- and your wife -- in 90 days. These proven techniques have already helped thousands of men save their relationships and turn their lives around. Part One of this workbook is for men. Part Two is for the women who love them. You'll even read about other couples facing similar situations.

Be ready the next time anger strikes.The Anger Busting Workbook takes on anger in a big way. When you have weeks or only days to get your anger under control, this workbook can do it for you. Get straight talk on what you can do TODAY to shut down the boiler and give yourself a second chance.

Quickly learn how to:
- STOP anger, without having to analyze it to death
- Cut the fuel line to your anger in six simple steps
- Put a sock in it--it's OK to simply shut up
- Use body language to put the brakes on anger in less than 60 seconds
- Master words and phrases PROVEN to get you out of the doghouse
- Take care of yourself--create less stress, more success
- Create happier endings for the same old arguments
- Start living the life you really want for yourself AND your family

Quick Quiz! Are you an "Anger Addict"? Find out on page 27.

Anger Busting At It's Best
- Includes 51 Anger Busters you can use anytime, anywhere.
- Easier to rip in half than a phonebook, but so much better for you!
- Use it on your own, with your spouse,or with a therapist.

The New companion to Newton Hightower's Best Selling, Award Winning Book, Anger Busting 101.

Please visit James A. (Jim) Baker at:

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Start Talking (e-Book) Authors: 55,56
ISBN: 978-1-886298-65-1
Publisher: Bayou Publishing
Publication date: 2016-02-24 15:06:38
Language: English
Price: 14.95

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Also available in Print Version.

It's not just your body ...
It's your life!

"This is your time to take charge, get answers, find your passions, stay healthy, and make your life great.  We can help!"
-- Mary Jo and Janine

Start Talking contains more than 113 questions girls ask us every day about, well, everything: periods, sex, relationships, guys, eating, exercise, and more. There are also great ways to get your mom involved. This book can be a fresh start for both of you. The truth is, daughters want to talk—to their moms.  And, moms can learn how to listen—from their daughters.  Start Talking is the place to start!

The first book to get moms and
daughters on the same page.

Now, you both get super straight answers about
• How your body works—top to bottom, we cover it all
• Feeling good, feeling fat, and everything in between
• Birth control, STDs, and what makes you a virgin
• Sex—how to know when you’re ready, and when you’re not
• Why just because you ask, doesn’t mean you want to do it
• Saying no and loving it—surprising reasons to wait
• Fun ways to get closer—from yoga mats to a day at the mall
• Loving your body and living your life to the fullest
• Getting what you want from life—right now and forever!

The single best resource for GIRL TALK.

Easy to read, lively, down to earth, and definitely teen-friendly. Ideal for both mothers and daughters.

How to have engaging conversations about tough topics. 

One of the best tools for nurses, family doctors, therapists, and health-care professionals -- every office should have a dozen copies.


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