The Pursuit of Zero : Drive for Accident-Free Profits
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The Pursuit of Zero

The Seven Principles for Creating an Injury Free Workplace

By : Bob Vruggink
ISBN: 978-1-886298-99-6  | Product Code: XB-401  | Publication date:  | Imprint: Bayou Publishing  | Language: English  | Book Format: Perfect Bound  | Book Size: 6 x 9  | Pages: 106
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Book Details

Safety IS the Competitive Edge
Here's How to Get IT


Principles are defined as fundamental truths that serve as the foundation for a system of Beliefs.

Our Beliefs drive Our Behaviors

Our Behaviors drive Results

These 7 fundamental truths have achieved awesome results when from the Leadership Team to the Front-line believed in these fundamentals and were truly were committed to the pursuit of Zero, an injury free workplace. ‘Significant Others’ this handbook is also written for you.

You will find the principles in this handbook simple and easy to implement. Bob's intention in writing this handbook is to fuel the passion and commitment to perfection in safety performance. Buy-in and conviction in believing that All Accidents Can Be Pre-vented!

What is your return on investment in the pursuit of Zero?

Return on Investment. If

  • the investment of a company's leadership in buying this handbook for them and you,
  • along with the investment of a couple hours of you and your Significant Others time in reading this handbook,
  • prevents just one injury … what’s that return on that investment?

To put it in the terminology made famous with those Mastercard commercials… Priceless!

Bob has experienced where interjected with influence in keeping the Significant Other in the workplace honest to these Beliefs and their Behaviors, has ignited and accelerated the pursuit of Zero, an injury free workplace.

People want to work for, do business with, and invest in companies that drive for Excellence, the Pursuit of Zero! Plus, no job is worth getting injured for, and no one wants an employee getting hurt on their watch or shift. The pursuit of Zero is not a technical manual about safety regulations. It's a playbook of the principles and beliefs proven to drive record-breaking safety performance --- a focus that leads you, your team, and your company to record success.

Whether an organization is celebrating a safety milestone or responding to a safety incident, this is THE handbook to setting new records or getting back on track.


Bob Vruggink, Safety Leadership and Operational Excellence expert, started his career with a simple commitment to safety first. This personal and professional drive quickly catapulted his career from the shop floor to President of a surface technologies company where he achieved four consecutive years of record-breaking safety performance and four consecutive years of unprecedented profits. Bob’s 37-year combined career with Conoco, DuPont, Praxair and BP he continued to build and rebuild businesses and organizations by leading with safety. Executive, consultant, lecturer, and speaker, Vruggink works with executives and the front lines across high-hazard industries.