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Authors: Zen and the Art of Negotiation (eBook)

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Zen and the Art of Negotiation (eBook)

Simple, Effective Skills That Will Guarantee You the Edge in Any Negotiation

By : James A. (Jim) Baker
ISBN: 978-1-886298-71-2  | Product Code: EB-621  | Publication date:  | Imprint: Bayou Publishing  | Language: English  | Edition: Digital  | Pages: 102
 | Rating: 4.5 

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Most people think they just don't have what it takes to be a good negotiator. But if you stop and think, you will realize that this can't be exactly true. When you were a kid, did you ever ask your mom for a cookie right before dinner? Did you ever ask your Dad to let you out of your chores until tomorrow?  Did you ever ask your older sister to borrow her new turtleneck sweater?  Those were negotiations. As an adult, have you ever swapped work shifts, or organized the church bazaar, or hired a remodeling contractor to builder your new deck? This list goes on, and it is all negotiating.

The truth is you are a born negotiator, because you were born into a world where people must negotiate in order to get anything done.  In Zen and the Art of Negotiation, James A. Baker walks you through a simple process to help you tap into your inner negotiator. You will learn how to:

- Prepare for a negotiation
- Initiate a negotiation conversation
- Test the waters for your proposal
- Swap concessions that get you what you need
- Neutralize tactics from the other side and stay focused on your goals

Throughout the book, you will also be reminded of timeless truths that will help you stay centered on what is most important in life, so you can see that negotiation is ultimately about more than just winning.

*eBook download link included in email is valid for 48 hours.

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