Positive Parenting 101 (eBook)
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Authors: Positive Parenting 101 (eBook)

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Positive Parenting 101 (eBook)

A Handbook for Parents Undergoing Divorce

By : James A. (Jim) Baker
ISBN: 978-1-886298-77-4  | Product Code: EB-608  | Publication date:  | Imprint: Bayou Publishing  | Language: English  | Book Format: eBook  | Pages: 95
 | Rating: 4.5 
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Divorce is a painful time, in the very best of cases. It is emotionally gut-wrenching, especially when there are children involved. There are no winners, just survivors.

Positive Parenting 101 was written to help divorcing parents understand and respond constructively to the needs of their children during this confusing, painful time in their lives. With this practical guide in your hands you will be able to:

- Learn 4 different parenting styles and select which ones are most effective for you
- Understand and respond to the needs of all children at different ages
- Develop strategies for interacting with your divorcing spouse regarding the children, in order to maintain a constructive parenting atmosphere
- Identify effective ways to help kids manage their emotions and process grief, anxiety and anger appropriately during the divorce process and afterwards

These--and many other helpful topics addressed in this handbook--provide divorcing parents with the tools they need to be great parents, even during the chaos divorce can create. Their children will have the security and love they need to survive and thrive!

"This simple, helpful handbook is written in a way that is easy to understand and easy to use. I command my friend, James A. (Jim) Baker, for once again developing a thorough and very helpful resource that is going to help a lot of people live saner, safer lives"
--John Bradshaw,
Author of New York Times Bestseller Healing the Shame that Binds You


*eBook download link included in email is valid for 48 hours.


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