When Counting to 10 Doesn't Cut it Any More (Press Release)
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Press Release

When counting to 10 doesn't cut it any more

Press release date: 2007-06-15

When counting to 10 doesn't cut it any more…

Anger is a normal emotion, and most of us experience anger in appropriate ways at appropriate times. But for some, this is not the case. Those who have the kind of anger that regularly rages out of control—or have a partner like this—need to get help.

“Yeah, we know. You don't have an
anger problem. You are just surrounded
by idiots and incompetents. Your kids
are lazy and disrespectful; your wife is
constantly whining and complaining
about something; your boss couldn't
manage his way out of a paper bag; and
the freeway is packed with morons.…
You didn't get up this morning intending
to punch a hole in the wall or call your
daughter all those awful names or
shove your wife into the coffee table.
People are always blaming stuff on you
and you are hardly ever the one who
starts it.” *
Quickly learn how to:
• STOP anger, without having to
analyze it to death
• Cut the fuel line to your anger in six
simple steps
• Put a sock in it—its OK to simply
shut up
• Use body language to put the brakes
on anger in less than 60 seconds
• Master words and phrases PROVEN
to get you out of the doghouse
• Create happier endings for the same
old arguments
“Clear, simple, common sense answers
for anyone who is searching for help in
their battle with anger addiction.”
~ from the books Foreword by New York
Times bestselling author John Bradshaw

*Excerpted with permission from The Anger
Busting Workbook by James A. Baker © 10/05, www.bayoupublishing.com

James A Baker, one of Americas leaders in the field of corporate training and a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, has assembled a workbook to help rageaholics change now. The Anger Busting Workbook: Simple, Powerful Techniques for Managing Anger and Saving Relationships (www.bayoupublishing.com, $14.95 paperback) is designed as a companion to Newton Hightowers award-winning, bestselling book, Anger Busting 101: New ABCs for Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them, which details simple ways anyone can end the destructiveness, and turn their life around.

“Instead of rummaging through your childhood to find explanations for your anger, and instead of having deep discussions in the middle of the night with your wife trying to help her understand why you have a good reason to be angry,” explains Baker, “you need to just stop doing those things that are causing everyone so much pain in the first place.” Yeah, right, you're thinking. Its not that easy.

But, just as an alcoholic must immediately abstain from all drinking, a rageaholic must abstain from expressing
anger. Going “cold turkey” means the rageaholic must stop many automatic behaviors, including • stop speaking • stop staying • stop staring • stop interrupting • stop cursing and • stop pointing. These are all explained in detail in The Anger Busting Workbook, along with an additional ten things to stop doing immediately. And this is just the first step toward ending negative behaviors and learning positive ones to use instead. As Baker explains, “The quickest way to end a tug of war is to let go of your end of the rope.”

Happily, the proven techniques in The Anger Busting Workbook—including 51 Anger Busters that can be used anytime, anywhere—can be put into action now. The approach has already helped thousands of men save their relationships and turn their lives around. Part I of the book is for men (who generally have a greater problem with out-of-control anger); Part II is for the women who love them and are willing to help them change.

“We like to remind people that recovery is process, not an event, meaning that rageaholics must work on their anger control issues every minute of every day, week, month after month, year after year. They have to keep choosing to not lose control over and over again,” Baker stresses. But, with the help of this workbook and the support of their partner, it can be done.


To request a review copy of The Anger Busting Workbook, to arrange an interview
with James Baker or for any additional information, please contact Kate Bandos at
KSB Promotions • 800-304-3269 • kate@ksbpromotions.com • fax 616-676-0759

The Anger Busting Workbook
Simple, Powerful Techniques
for Managing Anger and Saving Relationships

by James A. Baker
216 pages • 6" x 9" • Appendix: Leading Involuntary Anger
Management Groups • Notes • Recommended Resources
and References • Index
ISBN: 1-886298-19-X • $14.95 trade paperback original
Scheduled for publication: November 15, 2005
Published by Bayou Publishing; distributed by Biblio
Distribution, Inc. / NBN and available at bookstores
nationwide, at online book stores, by calling 800-340-2034
and at www.bayoupublishing.com.

Also available: Anger Busting 101: The New ABCs for Angry Men and The Women Who
Love Them by Newton Hightower, LMSW-ACP, LMFT, LPC, AAC, Director, Center for
Anger Resolution, Inc. © 2002, ISBN: 1-886298-04-1, $14.95 trade paperback.“Anger Busting
101 is a highly practical and easy-to-follow guide for managing anger problems.…
Straightforward and possible to use on ones own.… Recommended.” ~ Library Journal

Please send two copies of any review or mention to
Bayou Publishing, 2524 Nottingham, Houston, TX 77005