Losing Life to Anger (Press Release) [Anger Busting 101]
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Press Release

Losing Life to Anger (Press Release)

Press release date: 2010-07-02

For Release: Immediately or any time
Contact: Kate Bandos, KSB Promotions
800-304-3269 • kate@ksbpromotions.com

Losing Life to Anger?

Sometimes its yelling.  Sometimes its subtle put-downs.  Sometimes its swearing. Sometimes its slamming doors.  Sometimes its worse: sometimes its hitting.  Sometimes its all of these.  Anger manifests itself differently with different people.  The most serious problems arise when a person becomes “addicted” to rage and the verbal or physical expression of rage in violence.  For those who cant seem to get their anger under control, and for those who are regularly at the receiving end of the anger, life can become unbearable.

Newton Hightower was once one of these “rageaholics.”  However, as a licensed psycho-therapist, he kept thinking that he could get control and change his behavior.  Eventually he did—and along the way, he pioneered the Recovery Method that has already helped thousands.  Now, as director of Houstons Center for Anger Resolution, Inc., Hightower offers help to more people through his book, Anger Busting 101: New ABCs for Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them (©2002/2005, www.bayoupublishing.com).

Although Hightower acknowledges that serious anger problems are not exclusively a mans problem, he has focused his work on men—and the women who love them. He has been pleased to discover that there are many men who sincerely want to stop their fault-finding, sarcasm, arguing, self-justification, rage and violence. “There are men who do not want to be divorced and lose their families,” Hightower points out.  “They want to be able to say, like I have for the last 10 years, I am happily married and my life is good.”

“Anger Busting 101 is a highly practical and easy-to-follow guide for managing anger problems.… Straightforward and possible to use on ones own.… Recommended.”
 ~ Library Journal
Excerpt in New Man, Jan/Feb 2002 

Those who think Hightowers approach will be to take a “psychoarchaeological” expedition back to childhood to discover and piece together the various elements that may be causing an anger problem will be wrong. That may be helpful for some—or it may be a way they can avoid changing angry behavior.  Hightower admits that he worries about new clients who tell him, “I know I need to work through issues that might take a few years.”  By that time they may be fired, divorced, in prison or dead if they cant change their angry ways sooner.  He also knows from the thousands of men he has worked with that with the right techniques, people can change right now.

Donald S. Williamson, Ph.D., former president of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, points out in the books foreword: “There is no hope for the rageaholic unless and until he takes total responsibility for his rageful behavior.”  Once that stage has been reached, Hightower offers a practical, step-by-step, here-is-how-to-do-it advice for ending previous difficulties with anger and beginning new healthy ways to relate.  The first section of Anger Busting 101 is for the angry man and features a new approach—the Recovery Method—to managing anger.  The second section is designed to help women understand which men can change and which men cannot.  It will also help women learn ways to get their men to start changing.  The third section examines the steps women need to take to help their rageaholic through the changes.

In Anger Busting 101
New ABCs for Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them

Hightower offers:

15 behaviors to avoid when angry

20 principles to practice to replace
     previous negative traits

11 comments partners should not use
     if they want to defuse tense situations

 9 things to believe in to help partners
     overcome their tendency toward
     angry outbursts

 7 guidelines for effective communication
     with angry partners

Men who have had anger problems for years can use the directives and principles in this book to change quickly, dramatically and permanently.

To request a review copy of the Anger Busting 101, to arrange an interview with Newton Hightower or for any additional information, please contact Kate Bandos at KSB Promotions • 800-304-3269 • kate@ksbpromotions.com • fax 616-676-0759

Anger Busting 101
New ABCs for Angry Men and
the Women Who Love Them

by Newton Hightower
Director, Center for Anger Resolution, Inc.

Foreword by Donald S. Williamson, Ph.D.
Past President of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and author of The Intimacy Paradox

219 pages     6" x  9"     Appendices, including
“Angry Men and Medication” by David C. Kay, M.D.  
End Notes     References     Index  
ISBN: 1-886298-04-1   $14.95 trade paperback original 
Publication: March 25, 2002 / Rev Ed. April 21, 2005

Published by Bayou Publishing; available at bookstores nationwide through all major wholesalers, at online bookstores, by calling
800-340-2034 and at www.bayoupublishing.com.

                      Please send two copies of any review or mention to
                  Bayou Publishing, 2524 Nottingham, Houston, TX 77005

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