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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Placing an Order
Downloading e-Books
Other Customer Questions
Media Requests, Permissions & Reviews
Editorial & Acquistion

General Bayou Publishing Stuff

Bayou Publishing Authors

Placing an Order

How do I locate a book I am looking for on your web site?
Use our efficient search feature to find a book of particular interest, or simply browse and see what's available.

Search. Enter a few relevant words into the keyword search box and our search engine will show you all results that match the words you chose. Keyword search includes subject, title, author, ISBN, or Catalog Code. So if you know the title (or a just portion of the title) type it in. Likewise, if you know an author's name but can't remember the title of the book, enter the author name. Author includes illustrator, editor or photographer. The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 10-digit number (now 13 digit) unique to each book that is normally located on the copyright page of a book and near the bar code on the back cover. You may search for either ISBN-10 or ISBN-13. The Catalog Code is the Bayou Publishing catalog code that appears in printed and/or online catalogs. It usually starts with an "X" or a "Y". Or if you want to find information on a particular topic (e.g., "anger"), enter the topic in the search field.

Browse. If you just want to check out our offerings, use the left-hand nav bar to guide your browsing. Browse alphabetically, by topic, new listings, product category, or by author. back to top

How do I find out the price of a book?
The price for each book or booklet is clearly listed on both the thumbnail listing and the detail listing for each individual book. If an item is featured for the monthly special, the discounted price is clearly marked. back to top

How do I place an order?

You have lots of choices. If you know what you want, click on the "Buy Now" button, and order with a credit card using our secure server. Clicking on the "Buy Now" button places the item into your electronic shopping cart. You may continue to add as many items as you like to the cart.

If you have a printed catalog or flyer in front of you, you may type in the catalog code or the book title to call up book on screen.

If you're uncomfortable ordering off the web, you can order our products from our fulfillment warehouse in Houston, Texas, toll free by phone (1-800-340-2034), by fax (1-713-526-4342), or mail (2524 Nottingham, Houston, TX 77005). Most of our books are also available from, similar on-line book vendors, or your favorite local bookstore. back to top

What are my shipping options? How much does it cost and how long will it take?

We ship via USPS Media Mail at a cost of $3.45, unless you specify otherwise. Delivery is 2-7 days to most places in the United States. All online orders are shipped same day. Complete shipping options include;

• Media Mail (USPS) -- $3.45 (2 to 7 days; average shipping time is 5 days.) Will deliver to Post Office boxes with a free delivery confirmation receipt.

• Priority Mail (USPS)-- $4.95 (2 to 3 days; average shipping time is 2 days). Will deliver to Post Office boxes with a free delivery confirmation receipt.

• UPS Ground/ FedEx Ground -- $7.25 (4 to 8 days; average shipping time is 4 days). All shipped items have tracking codes to track progress. Ideal for cartons or large orders.

• FedEx Overnight -- $14.00 (Overnight delivery; all shipments have tracking codes to track progress).

• DHL International -- $22.00 (For all international shipments)

Note: If you want to have your material shipped some other way, please let us know when you place your order. back to top

Do I have to pay sales tax?
If you're ordering from Texas, yes. Outside Texas, no - at least for right now. Since we are located in Texas, we have to pay sales tax for any in-state transactions (currently 8.25%). So you will be charged sales tax for your order if you're ordering from Texas. Sales tax for internet sales is an issue currently debated at many levels - so we'll let you now when the current arrangement changes. If you're ordering online with a Texas zip code, sales tax will automatically be applied.

If you are tax-exempt, please contact us and we'll provide the tax-exempt code for online orders. You will enter the code in the "Discount Code" section, and no tax will be applied. back to top

Is it safe to use my credit card for purchases?

All of the personal information you enter, including name, address, and credit card number, is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layers). SSL is the most sophisticated online ordering security available, which means you can safely order online at any time. back to top


Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes, when you've completed you're order, you'll see a confirmation screen in your browser, which you can print out. You will also receive an email confirming your order. In addition, when the order is shipped, you will receive an email alerting you of the shipping. The emails will come from Click to reveal E-Mail, so you may want to white-list this email address in your SPAM blocker. back to top

I prefer not to order online with a credit card. What other means can I use to order your products?

We'll take your order however you feel most comfortable. If you prefer not to use a credit card with our secure server, you may call, fax, or mail us. Use the Print Order Form link if you want to pay by check or credit card. Fill out the form and mail or fax it with the payment. Of course, you can phone request in as well. We also welcome Purchase Orders from institutions or small organizations. back to top

How about purchase orders for my organization?

We welcome purchase orders from schools, agencies, or local organizations. Simply print out the Purchase Order Form, fill in material (including your Purchase Order Number) and either Fax, mail or phone in the order. back to top

We are a non-profit organization. How do you handle tax-exempt orders?

No problem. Since Texas sales are automatically charged sales tax, we need to confirm your tax-exempt status to avoid paying fines ourselves. Simply e-mail us at Click to reveal E-Mail with the topic "Tax Exempt Request" in the subject line, give us the relevant tax information in the body and we'll email you a code to type into the discount code section of the online order screen. back to top

Can I cancel an order once I've placed it?

You will be given an opportunity to review your entire order before submitting charges. You may cancel an order at any time before hitting the final confirmation button, and you won't be charged. If you have finalized your order by clicking the confirmation button and you believe you made a mistake or would like to cancel it, please email us at Click to reveal E-Mail or call us at 800-340-2034 and we'll gladly refund your order. All our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. back to top


What if I have trouble and cannot complete my purchase online? Can I contact someone at Bayou Publishing to help me?
Feel free to call our toll free line (800-340-2034). Our staff is available by phone 8-6 Central Standard Time M-F, and happy to help. You may also email us at Click to reveal E-Mail. Don't be surprised if you get a midnight email response if you're ordering at midnight! We do our best to help you.
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Can I return merchandise I buy from Bayou Publishing?
All Bayou Publishing products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you may return the merchandise and get your money back for the life of the product! back to top

I have been billed for a book but have not received it.

Don't panic! Feel free to check on the status of your order any time either by email or by phone. Most products are shipped media mail the day the order is placed, unless you selected another shipping option.
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Downloading e-Books

What do I get if I order an electronic Book?
It's quite simple: you'll get a downloadable PDF file.
PDF (Portable Document Format) requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it, but it can be viewed on any machine that has Acrobat. Acrobat is free from Adobe and may be downloaded at back to top

How will my e-book order be delivered?
After you have selected the "Buy Now" button of the e-book you want, filled out and reviewed the credit card information, and pressed the "Confirm Order" button, you will then be taken to a special page that allows you to download the file using your favorite browser. You will also receive an email with a special link to the e-book. The link will be valid for 30 days in case you are not at your favorite computer when placing the order. The link will only work for 30 days after purchase date, but during that time you can download the file as often as you need. back to top

What are my payment options?
Easy. Any major credit card will work (Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa). back to top

Why does the file I downloaded have a .zip extension?
Larger files are zipped to save space and download time. They must be unzipped using a utility like WinZip (on windows) or UnStuffIt (on the Mac). There are a variety of shareware programs that can be downloaded for free from sites like CNet's back to top

What if I want a file format not offered?
We are currently working with other vendors to provide other electronic formats. If you need a format for a particular device, most of our e-books are also carried by online e-book stores for targeted devices. back to top

Can I e-mail the e-book I just bought to all of my friends?
Nope. The same goes for posting the book on your website. The books we sell are protected by copyright laws; also keep in mind that Bayou Publishing receives no revenue and authors receive no royalties for pirated copies. We package top-notch information in electronic format because you prefer to have the information in that format, and we try to do so with a minimum of hassle for you. In return, we ask that you use the e-books fairly. back to top

If you don't want me to copy the e-books, why don't you use any sort of encryption?
Because it would annoy you. And half the time you would give up, or end up with limited access to the products you purchased. We'd much rather assume that customers will take the concept of fair use to heart. back to top

Where else can I find Bayou Publishing e-books other than your web site?
The list changes weekly. Here's the some reputable places to try. back to top


Other Customer Questions

How can I get a copy of your most recent catalog?

Fill out the Online Catalog Request to receive a paper copy by mail, or download a digital copy in PDF format. (click here) back to top

What kind of discounts can I get for bulk purchases?
We like to get our books into the hands of as many people as possible, so we offer generous discounts for volume orders - whether individual, company or organizations. Contact us for details.

We also offer a standard volume discount for any individual, group or organization wanting to buy multiple copies. Contact Click to reveal E-Mail for volume orders.
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What about special sales discounts?
We offer generous discounts to qualifying organizations. The discount is often a special benefit for being an organization member. We love to pass benefits on, and we love to get our books in members' hands. Contact Click to reveal E-Mail for details. back to top

What are my options for preordering books?
If you do not have access to a credit card, you can use the mail-in form and include a check or money order. Your check will not be cashed until the product is shipped. back to top

What are my payment options?
Same as with any other online orders from Bayou Publishing: Any major credit card will work (Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa). back to top

Why do you need my email?
If you have ordered an ebook, we will send you the information you need to receive your book and unlock your file. If you make a purchase with a credit card, you will receive a confirmation email when the transaction is made and when the product is shipped. Otherwise, your email will not be used unless absolutely necessary, for example if a shipment was refused upon delivery. back to top

Will you sell my name and other private information to other companies?
No. back to top

How can I find out the status of my order?
You may contact our customer service department by phone at (800) 340-2034 or by email: Click to reveal E-Mail and we will be happy to check on your order status.
If you order online and provide and e-mail, we confirm receipt of the order and send an email when the product is shipped. We send confirmation orders to your email when the order is placed, and when the order ships. back to top

What if I decide a book I've bought isn't right for me?
Bayou Publishing proudly guarantees every book purchased from us at the cover price for as long as you own your copy. If, at any time, you decide the book is not right for you, return it to us for a full credit or refund. back to top

I want to contact your customer service department.
Contact us by email Click to reveal E-Mail, phone 800 340 2034 (M-F 8-6 CST) or by fax 713 526 4342. back to top

Where else can I buy Bayou Publishing books?
Bayou Publishing books are available at national chain bookstores like Barnes & Noble, Borders, Book-A-Million, and Waldenbooks. Many independent bookstores also carry Bayou Publishing titles. If you're shopping on the web, look for Bayou Publishing books at book-selling site like,,, and We try to have all our Bayou Publishing books available at your favorite local or online retailer. If a book is not readily available at your favorite store, please let us know. We like to take the opportunity to follow up with the store manage. back to top

What if I'm ordering from outside the United States?
We like payment in gold. But since that's not practical, credit card is fine. International shipping is a bit pricey, so you may want to see if your local vendors carry our title. back to top

I am a bookseller or wholesaler outside the U.S. How do I purchase BP books for resale?
See our link to international sales. back to top

Media Requests, Permissions & Reviews

I love the cover art. Can I use it on my website?
Of course!!!! We appreciate if you provide a link back to us or at least acknowledge Bayou Publishing. Click here (link) for more on image links. back to top

How do I get permission to use an excerpt from a Bayou Publishing book?
Bayou Publishing books may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any medium without our expressed written permission.

If you would like to use excerpts of a Bayou Publishing book, please e-mail your request to Senior Editor at Click to reveal E-Mail, or fax your written request to Permissions (713)-526-4342.

• In your request, please be sure to include the following information:

• The book's title, author(s), and ISBN

• The exact page numbers of the excerpt you'd like to use

• A clear, detailed description of your intended use, such as:

• For reprint in another book (include publisher name, title of the book in which the excerpt will appear, print run, and the language rights you are requesting)

• For use on a Web site (include URL for the site and whether visitors will be charged to view the excerpted material)

• For use in a magazine (include the circulation and publication date)

• For photocopies (describe the recipients: therapy groups, educational purposes, clinics, prisons, and so forth; let us know how many copies you plan to make)

• A description of the territory over which your use will be distributed (world, English-speaking world, USA, region, state, city, group, and so forth)

After we receive your request, our permissions manger will contact you with more information. back to top

I need a photo of an author or digital image of a book cover to accompany a review or article in my publications.
We love to help the media reviewers any way we can. Visit the "Media Center" for material specific to a book or for story ideas in general. Get story ideas, download press releases (text of PDF), get related images. back to top

How do I examine and adopt a Bayou Publishing book for my class?
Bayou Publishing books used in a number of undergraduate and graduate curricula. If you are a teacher or professor interested in examining a Bayou Publishing book for adoptions, you have several choices:
You may simply purchase the book directly from Bayou Publishing and review the book at your leisure. Remember that all Bayou Publishing books are guaranteed unconditionally for as long as you own your copy. If you decide the book isn't right for you class, simply return the book to us at any time for a full credit or refund.

Otherwise, you may submit a request to us on institutional letterhead, asking for examination copies of the books you are interested in. We will send you the books to examine for sixty days. At the end of that time, we will send you an invoice for the cover price of the books you requested, including shipping charges and applicable tax. When you receive that invoice, you may: 1.) return the books to us for credit against the invoice; 2.) pay the invoice and keep the books for your personal use; or 3.) provide us with a copy of your bookstore's purchase order for books you wish to adopt. You may keep the examination copy of any book you adopt for class use with our compliments.

The easiest way to request an examination copy is to fill out our online Professor Examination Request Form. back to top

I work for the media. How do I get a review copy?
Fill out the online Request for Media Review copy and we'll get a copy of the requested books to you. back to top

I work for a foreign publisher, and I'm interested in reviewing some of your books for foreign rights.
Contact us at Click to reveal E-Mail. We have collaborative (with PMA) displays at Frankfort and other shows for international rights. back to top

Can I license a Bayou Publishing book for translation and foreign distribution?
Bayou Publishing regularly licenses our titles for translation and foreign distribution. Although we have established relationships with a number of foreign publishers, we welcome all inquiries about foreign rights. Please direct your inquiries to our Foreign Rights Manager, Click to reveal E-Mail. back to top

Do you sell prints of artwork found in BP titles?
Sure do! back to top

How about covers, postcards, bookmarks, or posters?
That too! back to top

Editorial & Acquisition Questions

How do you decide which books to publish?
Bayou Publishing has a staff of acquiring editors who seek out and develop ideas for books we believe readers can use. We do not publish fiction, poetry, travel, or fantasy. We are committed to publishing books and resources we believe will help families stay connected in the 21st century. back to top

How long does it take to develop a Bayou Publishing book?
Longer than you might think. From the idea stage to the distribution of printed books for sale, a Bayou Publishing book takes, on average, two years to develop. It doesn't take long to print a book but it takes a while to effectively edit, market, and publicize a book. If we take on an author's book, we are committed to producing books that have at least a 10 year active selling life. back to top

I have a great idea for a book. Where do I submit it?
We'd love to hear about what you're writing, if it is related to enhancing relationships and keeping families connected. Please send your idea to the attention of our Acquisitions Editor. If we're interested, we will ask you to prepare a book proposal for us. We're not able to take on the many worthy projects that come our way, but we do our best to give you feedback or even hook you up with publishers we think might be compatible with your work. back to top

If I describe my book in an e-mail message, can you tell me if you want to look at it?
Probably not. We're bombarded with e-mail requests, some of which are legitimate but most of which are bogus. It is best to call and talk to us, then mail in your proposal. back to top

I sent you an email query regarding publishing my manuscript. When can I expect a response?
Unfortunately we are unable to answer each query individually. If you have not heard from us within 8 weeks of your sending a message to us, please consider that we are not in a position to answer that question and/or the material you are proposing is not of interest to us at this time. You're welcome to follow up with a phone call to make sure your email is white-listed with us. back to top

Can you tell me more about how to get published or to find an agent?

Contact PMA or a publishing coach like Rita Mills. back to top

Do you use scholars and professionals as manuscript reviewers?
All the time. If you're interested in reviewing things for us, please contact our senior editor with some indication of your qualifications and interests. No, you don't need to be the world's leading expert on your subject; we often look for feedback from potential users as well as from experts. Usually we will pay you off in free books rather than cash, and official recognition. back to top

I'm preparing a manuscript for you. Tell me your specs for preparation, for reference style, for artwork, etc.
We don't have one single house reference style and preparation specifications vary depending on the book. We do rely heavily on APA Manual of style and Chicago MCA style. All materials must be submitted in MS Word with appropriate style sheets. back to top

General Bayou Publishing Stuff

A Bayou Publishing book really changed my life, so I want to thank the author. How can I get in touch with a Bayou Publishing author?
Our authors love to hear from you!

Some of our authors are on the road a lot, so the best way to contact them is to send an email to Click to reveal E-Mail with the author's name in the subject line. We will forward your note to them. Make sure you are specific in the subject line about the author name and the topic or the email will get sent straight to our SPAM catcher. Our authors receive hundreds of spam emails each week, so in order to better serve you we pre-filter their emails.

Many of our authors maintain an active internet presence and have websites of their own. Links to their sites are provided on the authors pages.

You are also welcome to write to your favorite author at:
Loving Author
c/o Bayou Publishing
2524 Nottingham
Houston, TX 77005
back to top

Does BP hire freelance workers?
Yes! We use freelancers all around the globe: graphic artists, editors, and sales reps. Contact Victor Loos for details. back to top

Are Bayou Publishing books available in languages other than English?
Bayou Publishing books have been translated into many foreign languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Czech, German, and Russian. Bayou Publishing does not print or sell these books ourselves. Instead, we license the contents of certain books to foreign publishers who translate, produce, and sell our titles to their own markets.
If you are interested in a Bayou Publishing book in a language other than English, we recommend you search for the book by title on a major Web site servicing the speech community of the language you're looking for. Amazon, for example, has sites dedicated to Japan, Austria, Germany, and France as well as a listing of Spanish-language books. In addition, please see foreign editions on our website. back to top

Does Bayou Publishing exhibit at professional conferences?
Bayou Publishing keeps a full schedule of professional psychology and book industry conference appearances. In most years, we will have booths or collaborative displays at:

Book Expo of America (BEA)

Texas Library Association (TLA)

National Association for Social Workers (NASW)

Texas Psychological Association (TPA)

Psychotherapy Network Conference (PTN)

American Psychological Association (APA)

Our acquiring editors also attend a number of other psychological conferences. If you are interested in finding out Bayou Publishing's current conference attendance schedule, please call our offices at
(713) 526-4558 or click on the Conference Schedule link. back to top

How can I find out more information about author seminars, tours, newsletters or activities?
Visit the author links for up-to-date activities. back to top

To whom can I send questions and comments about this Web site or about this FAQ?
Please e-mail your questions or comments to webmaster Click to reveal E-Mail. Please make sure that the words "BP website" are in the subject line. back to top

Where is Bayou Publishing located?
The Bayou Publishing editorial and business offices are located on the banks of Buffalo Bayou in Houston. Many innovative resources for schools and families have originated in Houston, affectionately known as Bayou City. back to top

How long has Bayou Publishing been publishing books?
Since 1995, Bayou Publishing has been publishing resources to help you get along better with others and yourself than you ever imagined possible. back to top

What kinds of books does Bayou Publishing publish?
Bayou Publishing publishes books on relationships and personal growth topics. Our goal is to bring our readers practical, straightforward, and easy-to-use books that help them get along with others and themselves better than they ever imagined possible. Our authors are experienced professionals; leaders in their fields with years of experience. We are committed to providing you, our reader, with real tools for real change in your life. Every book we sell comes with our promise that it can, in meaningful ways, significantly improve your life and your relationship. back to top

What does Bayou Publishing plan for the future?
Bayou Publishing plans to keep publishing the best mental health, relationship, and personal growth books in the industry for many years to come. In addition, we also plan to explore new publishing avenues. Look for exciting new additions to the Bayou Publishing list in the coming years. back to top


Bayou Publishing Authors

I am the author of a book. I found information about my book/bio/affiliations on the BP Web site that I would like to update. Whom can I contact to have the information corrected?
Contact Click to reveal E-Mail, or call 800-340-2034. back to top

I have information regarding the promotion of my book that I'd like to share. Whom should I talk to?
Contact Click to reveal E-Mail, or call 800-340-2034. back to top

I need updated flyers and/or press releases for my book. Whom can I contact?
I'd like a poster and/or other promotional materials for an upcoming event. Whom can I contact?. We love to provide promotional materials. Contact Click to reveal E-Mail, or call 800-340-2034. back to top

I need posters and promotional materials for my book. Whom can I contact?
Contact Click to reveal E-Mail, or call 800-340-2034. back to top

How about author forms I need?
Contact Click to reveal E-Mail, or call 800-340-2034. back to top