More Fun Ideas (Press Release)
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Press Release

More Fun Ideas (Press Release)

Press release date: 2009-10-21

What Will You Do with the Next 5 Minutes?


What can you do alone in 5 minutes?
* Pack a school lunch.
* Load laundry.
* Check email.
* Wash the dishes.
* Walk the dog.
* Write a grocery list.
What can you do with your children in 5 minutes?
* Make “Lunch Puppets.”
* Load a time capsule.
* Create a “Touch and Feel Book.”
* Make a “Wooden Spoon Doll.”
* Walk in an “Animal Walk Parade.”
* Make a “My Color Book.”

With kids back in school, what will you do with their younger siblings who are chanting “What can I do”? Quick. Take a peek at Deborah Sheltons new, award-winning book. Here are a few of the 115 fast, fabulous, fun things to do with your little ones.

Lunch Puppets

Materials: paper lunch sack
markers, scissors, glue
accessories (googly eyes, yarn for hair, glitter)

Directions: Draw a face on the bottom of the paper sack. Place your hand inside, with your fingers inside the natural fold. Open your fingers to make the puppets mouth open and close and “talk.” Decorate your lunch puppet with googly eyes and yarn for hair, to make them really stand out. A different way to talk about the day.
Wooden Spoon Doll

wooden spoon
scrap of fabric

Directions: First, draw a face inside the bowl of the spoon, using markers. Glue pieces of yarn on for hair. Wrap a small piece of fabric around the handle of the spoon. Tie a ribbon around the fabric, near the bowl to form the dolls clothes. Stir up some smiles with this cute puppet! Put on a show for siblings coming home from school.

More Cool Ideas ! !

Touch and Feel Book

construction paper or card stock
materials of different textures (sandpaper; cotton balls; velvet; bubble wrap; plastic; felt; waxed paper)

Directions: Glue one textured material per page of construction paper. Staple the pages together. Have your child close her eyes and tell you what each feels like –– rough, soft, etc. Young children will enjoy discovering the many textures of the world around them.
My Color Books

Materials: white construction paper for the book
same colored materials for inside of book (for a pink book use pink cotton, pink ribbons, pink stickers, etc.)

Directions: Fold the construction paper in half to form the book. Glue colored materials to the inside of the book. Use ribbons, stickers, cloth, glitter, etc., to create “blue” books, “red” books, “purple” books, and so on. Label the front “My (Blue) Book.” Learn colors the fun way!

excerpted with permission from The Five Minute Parent: Fun & Fast Activities for You and Your Little Ones by Deborah Shelton © 2002, ISBN: 1-886298-13-0, $12.95 trade paperback, Bayou Publishing, Houston, TX, 800-340-2034,

To request a review copy, discuss running an excerpt from the book, or to arrange an interview with Deborah Shelton, please contact Kate Bandos at KSB Promotions, 800-304-3269,, fax 616-676-0759.