Don’t Wait for the Weekend (Press Release)
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Press Release

Don’t Wait for the Weekend (Press Release)

Press release date: 2006-09-04

For Release: Immediately or any time

Contact: Kate Bandos, KSB Promotions
800-304-3269 •

Don’t Wait for the Weekend!
Create small treasures and lasting memories with your children in minutes—anytime.

“Maybe this weekend” or “Maybe later” are phrases that parents and others find themselves saying to children all too often. When a child wants to play catch or go camping or make a snack—and the adults are busy with chores or watching the news or are trying to take a “few minutes for themselves”—whose agenda should take precedence?

Deborah Shelton, a wife and typically busy mother, found herself using these phrases much too often. As a craft enthusiast, an active member of the Association for Play Therapy, and a homeschooling mom, she knew that with a little thought she could come up with lots of ideas to entertain (and sometimes teach) children that would be fun for both the child and the adult. The result is The Five Minute Parent: Fun & Fast Activities for You and Your Little Ones (©2002,

Now those who don’t want to resort to “maybe this weekend” or “later” can choose from more than 115 fun activities in eleven categories. Parents and kids can pick from:

  • adventures in art
  • weird and wacky science experiments
  • writing and wishing you were here
  • games and sports, of sorts
  • family fun time
  • music, movement and mayhem
  • puppets, critters and creepy-crawlies
  • celebrations using your imagination
  • cooking & munching in the kitchen
  • outside fun guide and
  • easy crafts for all ages.

Most of the projects call for materials that people usually have. If not, after scanning through the pages, make a list of items to pick up on the next shopping trip or plan an outing to a nearby craft store to stock up.

In addition, The Five Minute Parent features colorful sidebars with jokes, trivia, riddles, quotes and facts that are sure to arouse any child’s curiosity. (Did you know that the world’s first jigsaw puzzle was made by a mapmaker in 1760? Maps were glued onto a sheet of wood and then cut into small pieces.)(Q: What breaks when you say it?)

(A. Silence.)

“This book is not only about finding more time to spend with our children,” stresses Shelton, “but I hope it also helps people find more creative ways to spend time we already have.” So, the next time parents, grandparents, teachers, caregivers, or babysitters want a quick answer for the child who announces “I’m bored!”— or who want some new ideas for turning even brief spurts of time into quality time with a child—they will find lots of options in The Five Minute Parent

“Remember,” encourages Shelton, “don’t wait for the weekend. No matter how hectic your schedule, you can create small treasures and lasting memories with children in just minutes. Have fun!”

----- Pull-out Box 1 -----

No-Bake Banana Crunch Cookies

graham crackers
re-sealable plastic bag
butter knife
rolling pin

Put 3 or 4 graham crackers into the plastic bag, and crush the crackers with the rolling pin. Slice the bananas into small circles and drop the pieces into the bag. Shake the bag, coating each slice with crumbs. This simple treat is sure to be a favorite!

This is just one of the 115 fun and fast activities that can be found in The Five Minute Parent by Deborah Shelton (©2002,

------ End Pull-out Box -----

----- Pull-out Box 2 -----

Floating Needle

clean drinking glass
sewing needle

Fill a glass with water, then float a piece of newspaper on the surface. Don’t let the edges dip under the water. Next, place a needle on top of the newsprint. Slowly dip the edges of the newspaper into the water until the paper sinks and the needle is left floating. Now, touch the water and watch the needle sink. This is a great way to teach children about surface tension.

This is just one of the 115 fun and fast activities that can be found in The Five Minute Parent (©2002,

------ End Pull-out Box -----

“Wonderful, practical ideas for turning the desire for quality fun time with kids into a reality!”

-- Anne Grizzle, LMSW-ACP, Family Therapist